The luck continues: Rhode Island Lottery player wins $180,000 on eInstant game

The luck continues for Rhode Island Lottery players!

The luck continues: Rhode Island Lottery player wins $180,000 on eInstant game

If you are feeling lucky, the game to play for Rhode Island Lottery players seems to be the Lucky 7’s Multiplier eInstant game.

For the second day in a row, the Rhode Island Lottery announced a big winner for the iLottery game. As Lottery USA announced yesterday, a woman from North Smithfield claimed $10,000 while playing the Lucky 7’s Multiple eInstant game.

Now, the Rhode Island Lottery has announced a man from South Kingstown has claimed $180,000 playing the same game! After the big winner, the man said he plans on putting the winnings into savings and doing some traveling.

Lucky 7’s Multiplier — how does it work?

Lucky 7’s Multiplier is a new eInstant game offered by the Rhode Island Lottery. Ticket prices range from 50 cents to $20 and players can up to $200,000 instantly.

To play, you have to match your numbers to the Winning Numbers to win a prize. There are eight individual games within each play to match numbers.

If two of your numbers in a game match the Winning Numbers, the total prize in that game is doubled. If three of your numbers in a game match the Winning Numbers, then the total prize for that game is tripled. Also, if you reveal a Lucky 7 symbol in a game, all three symbols in that game turn into winning symbols, and you triple the total prize in that game!

If you happen to reveal three horseshoe symbols anywhere in the eight games, you will activate the Eliminator Bonus.

The Eliminator Bonus — how does it work?

The Eliminator Bonus is a guaranteed-win bonus for the Lucky 7’s Multiplier game. The bonus starts with a spinning wheel and a variety of number sets — each set of these numbers is associated with a different prize.

Every bonus allows the player to take six spins on the wheel. To start the bonus, just press the wheel.The wheel will spin automatically for the duration of the bonus.

Once the wheel stops spinning, the pointer will land on either a number, a multiplier, or a blank space in the outer wheel:

  • Number space - If the pointer lands on a number, any number sets containing that number are eliminated.
  • Multiplier space - If the pointer lands on a multiplier, the total bonus multiplier is increased by the number.
  • If the pointer lands on a space with a +1, then an extra turn will be added to the spin counter.

When all the spins have been played, the Eliminator Bonus ends. At the end of the bonus game, the prize(s) in the remaining number sets are added together, and if you have any multipliers, the Eliminator Bonus win amount will be multiplied by the total multiplier value and that amount will be the total bonus awarded.

Lucky 7’s Multiple ends when all numbers and symbols have been revealed, and any bonus games have been completed.

If you want to quickly move through the game, you can press REVEAL ALL to automatically play the game to completion. You can switch back to manual play mode by pressing STOP.

Enjoy playing the Rhode Island Lottery, and please remember to play responsibly.