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As this new week develops, it may feel like things are not moving at the speed that you hoped they would. Do not be discouraged because everything will fall into place. You may need to hold a few people who are supposed to work with you accountable. Make sure everyone carries their weight at work. Your lucky number 43 will ensure that things work out as they should. 19 symbolizes confidence in the work you have put in. There won’t be any surprises. Keep firm but calm when interacting with your teammates so that you do not upset important relationships.

  • 19
  • 43

Aries Lucky Number Predictions

November 27 to December 3 2022


Taurus icon

Big Trip Coming Up

A big trip may be on the horizon for you. Keep some money on the side in anticipation of that. Meanwhile, you may be called upon to put in extra hours in your office. Step up to the plate and let your value be seen. Someone that matters is watching and your stock will rise significantly. You will get an opportunity to recharge your batteries soon. 37 on the cards symbolizes the value you have built for yourself, while 49 signifies new horizons. Do not be afraid to set bigger goals for yourself than you did in the past.

  • 37
  • 49

Taurus Lucky Number Predictions

November 27 to December 3 2022


Gemini icon

The Bigger Picture

This week, self-awareness will be important in keeping your emotions in check and progressing toward your goals. You do not have to react to every comment made by people who see you as a competition. You might have to walk away in order to salvage bigger goals because some fights will not be worth it. Keep thinking about the bigger picture, as symbolized by the number 12 in your charts. 35 signifies the application of wisdom in edgy situations. Your family will be key during this period so spend a lot of time with them during evenings after work. You should be fine sharing your experiences with them.

  • 12
  • 35

Gemini Lucky Number Predictions

November 27 to December 3 2022


Cancer icon

Exercise Caution

This week, the stars will fill you with feelings of positivity and a sense of something big being about to happen. You might receive exclusive invitations to participate in an investment opportunity. Do not rush to sign any papers or make a verbal commitment. Request sufficient time to get expert opinions. The number 14 on your chart this week means protection from bad luck. 38 symbolizes patience. Before making big decisions, ensure you inform everyone that should be informed, and that they make their opinions known. There is a major win for you before year-end, but it will stem from due diligence on your part.

  • 14
  • 38

Cancer Lucky Number Predictions

November 27 to December 3 2022


Leo icon

Unexpected Places

This week, you may experience kindness from unexpected quarters, but such is what happens when the stars align for you. Number 25 on your chart symbolizes perfection and nothing that happens this week will be due to chance. Accept the kindness extended to you and pay it forward when you find the chance to. Check on loved ones you have not spoken to this week; it may remind you of interesting and important nuggets that might have been lost on you. Your mood should remain upbeat throughout this week, and you might be unusually cautious about your financial spending.

  • 25
  • 44

Leo Lucky Number Predictions

November 27 to December 3 2022


Virgo icon

Trading In

Working hard to break cycles that have gone on for a while is never easy, but it is possible. This week, as you meditate on things you need to change, you will identify something that you need to trade away. Sharing with a close confidant is a great way to affirm yourself. 31 on the chart this week signifies essential choices you will make on your journey. 65 signifies satisfaction. Some structural changes might happen in your place of work or industry, but they will not affect you. Focusing on becoming a better version of yourself is your most important pursuit.

  • 31
  • 65

Virgo Lucky Number Predictions

November 27 to December 3 2022


Libra icon

Share a Smile

This week, you are called upon to share your radiance with those around you. In stressful moments involving deadlines and tight resources, you are likely to be the only one in the room with a calm aura. Do not shy away from sharing your perspective on important matters. Your words are likely to steer things in the right direction. 17 on your chart this week signifies courage and strength, while 63 is a sign of victory. Keep your mind on things you can influence, and be aware of moments when fear starts to creep in. Practice affirmation so that you drive such thoughts away.

  • 17
  • 63

Libra Lucky Number Predictions

November 27 to December 3 2022


Scorpio icon

It Will Be Clear

You value your friendships a lot and are never quick to dismiss those who fail to show up. This week, the sun will be shining on your path, and you will likely receive a major revelation about those who care for you deeply. 21 on your chart symbolizes discernment, while 44 is for the bonds that make our lives meaningful. Do not ignore wisdom when it comes. Poor discernment might lead to expensive mistakes, especially financially. Before honoring requests for financial help, look back at historical incidences as evidence of whether they are deserving or not. It does not mean you are a bad person.

  • 21
  • 44

Scorpio Lucky Number Predictions

November 27 to December 3 2022


Sagittarius icon

Great Start

You are likely to experience an explosive start to the week with so many decisions going your way at work. This is not by chance but rather a product of your hard work throughout this year. Your ability to convince people is also at a high so make use of it when you can. 32 is your good luck charm this week so play it to your advantage. 68 is also on your chart signifying new social ties that are likely to spring up soon. These new bonds might prove to be quite significant in the near future. Do not hesitate to grow that web.

  • 32
  • 68

Sagittarius Lucky Number Predictions

November 27 to December 3 2022


Capricorn icon

Tough Love

Delivering hard lessons to the people we love is sometimes difficult and there is always the temptation to protect them from the consequences of their actions. This week, the universe is calling upon you to let go a little bit and allow people under you to understand the consequences of their actions. 36 on your chart signifies growth that can only be realized through personal experiences. 54 on the chart represents optimism. Be confident that those who have come up under your guidance have what it takes to walk on their own. Remember that words of encouragement and affirmation can fuel them to do great things.

  • 36
  • 54

Capricorn Lucky Number Predictions

November 27 to December 3 2022


Aquarius icon

Gentle Communication

This week, you might want to share important news or bring up an important discussion with your significant other. You should be reminded to be gentle with them to avoid sparking up a conflict. Find time to treat them to a special evening to calm them. Delaying important decisions may be wise, and 27 on your chart will guide you in picking the right moment. 60 is a lucky number for you as well, so do not be afraid to act when you need to. This week you are also likely to experience a great balance between your work and personal matters.

  • 27
  • 60

Aquarius Lucky Number Predictions

November 27 to December 3 2022


Pisces icon

Wounded Not Damaged

This week, due to Venus’ position relative to the sun, you might experience heightened emotions and memories of past losses you had dealt with. This is not retrogressive, and do not be too hard on yourself. The feelings will pass, but you might feel the need to take time off from work to reflect on what you hold now. There might be precious things still in your life that you perhaps are meant to hold more dearly. Journaling might be a good practice in the short term. 33 is an important number on your chart this week as it signifies your spirit’s alignment with the most important things. 42 will spring up new emotions once this phase passes.

  • 33
  • 42

Pisces Lucky Number Predictions

November 27 to December 3 2022