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Aries icon

Situations reverse

There’s nothing better than feeling like all hope is lost and then suddenly having everything turn around and start going your way. This is likely the situation that will happen for you this upcoming week. Something that’s been causing you stress for a long while is finally going to reverse itself. The number 51 indicates this will happen rather abruptly and you may not even see it coming. That’s okay, just roll with the punches and you’ll be fine. The number 56 is also in your chart this week and suggests that resolutions are indeed coming your way.

  • 51
  • 56

Aries Lucky Number Predictions

August 7 to August 13 2022


Taurus icon

Taking on too much

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed this week? Like there’s just too much on your plate? Well, that’s probably because there is. The number 25 indicates that you’ve taken on someone else's workload. You may have thought this was going to be a temporary arrangement but the other party has yet to relieve you of these duties. It’s okay to say no more. The number 39 actually insists that you find a way to off-load some of your responsibilities so you don’t burn yourself out.

  • 25
  • 39

Taurus Lucky Number Predictions

August 7 to August 13 2022


Gemini icon

Finding a mentor

In the early weeks of this month, you may get an opportunity to work with or for someone you admire greatly. If you take this opportunity seriously, the number 36 indicates that it could very well lead to additional opportunities and maybe even flourish into a mentorship of sorts. This is a perfect dynamic for you to get into right now. If you maintain your levels of engagement, you’ll be able to learn a lot. The number 48 could very well represent the person who can become your mentor. Look for these numbers to appear in your life and guide you to this relationship.

  • 36
  • 48

Gemini Lucky Number Predictions

August 7 to August 13 2022


Cancer icon

Don’t get lost in what if

The past has a grip on you this month, and it’s going to bleed into multiple weeks. You’re a bit of a dreamer, Cancer, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Although the art of the hopeless romantic is a little bit buried in today’s society, it’s by no means lost. That being said, the number 30 appears in your chart this week as a guide out of the past that lives in your head. Rather than dwelling on ‘what ifs, think about moving forward if you can bring yourself to. The number 43 urges you to do just that, too: keep moving forward. If you can keep your vision straight ahead, you’ll start to release some of those old pains.

  • 30
  • 43

Cancer Lucky Number Predictions

August 7 to August 13 2022


Leo icon

Finding inspiration

There are countless spaces through which people find inspiration and motivation these days. This is going to be vital for you this week, Leo. The number 21 suggests that you start paying attention to the forms of inspiration that impact you in the most positive way. Read, write, draw, paint, watch films and TV, go to an art museum, or just spend some time out in nature. Engage with whatever inspires you. The number 61 is also in your mind’s eye this week. This is helping you keep your attention on your end goals, which is exactly what you need right now.

  • 21
  • 61

Leo Lucky Number Predictions

August 7 to August 13 2022


Virgo icon

Do your due diligence

After you find your groove this month, you’re going to be impressed at a stellar opportunity that ends up knocking on your front door. However, don’t just blindly jump into something. Especially not right now. The number 35 insists that you conduct your due diligence in order to avoid another financial pitfall after just finding your security. The number 44 is also in your chart this week and acts as a reminder that this won’t be the only opportunity that comes your way this year. If you don’t feel confident about the opportunity after conducting your research, then just wait for the next one.

  • 35
  • 44

Virgo Lucky Number Predictions

August 7 to August 13 2022


Libra icon

Dictate your own mood

We are often a product of the environment around us. In your case, you may find yourself grouped with a community of people that have a hard time staying positive. In fact, they could even be described as total pessimists. The number 10 is in your chart as a beacon of positive energy though. If you focus on the things that you can control, like your own mood, you’ll have no issues staying positive even among a bunch of negative Nancies. The number 24 is a number of community and leadership. This indicates that not only are you capable of dictating your own mood, but if you keep at it, your positivity will start to rub off on the people you interact with regularly as well.

  • 10
  • 24

Libra Lucky Number Predictions

August 7 to August 13 2022


Scorpio icon


You’ve been expecting something to come to you for some time now. This could be a favor, a package, or even a paycheck of some sort. No matter what it is though, it seems the number 23 is in your chart, causing further delays. This could be a universal test of your patience though, and not something over which you need to lose your cool. If you can steady your emotional response and think about things calmly, your patience will be restored. The number 62 is also in your chart this week, which indicates that this situation could experience even further delays. Remember to control your breathing when you’re feeling stressed.

  • 23
  • 62

Scorpio Lucky Number Predictions

August 7 to August 13 2022


Sagittarius icon

Learning a new skill

This month may be a perfect time for you to tackle learning a new skill. The number 3 suggests that you’re in the perfect mindset to absorb and retain information, which is exactly where you want to be when picking up a new skill. Not only that, but this could be the challenge that you feel is missing from your life. The number 50 indicates that you’re looking for more in your day-to-day routine, and the challenges that are associated with learning a new skill could absolutely fill that void. Think about your passions, and if there are any hobbies you’ve ever wanted to try. Pick one, and hit the ground running.

  • 3
  • 50

Sagittarius Lucky Number Predictions

August 7 to August 13 2022


Capricorn icon

Finding assistance

There’s nothing wrong with admitting it when we need a little help. In fact, it can be a very noble and honorable thing to do. This is especially the case when the reason we need help is that we simply have too much work to handle on our time. The number 22 indicates that your work-life has been soaring lately. So much so that you’re starting to feel like you’re swallowing water. No worries, the number 55 comes into your life as a much-needed assistant who can help take tasks off your plate, and get you back on progress to hitting deadlines.

  • 22
  • 55

Capricorn Lucky Number Predictions

August 7 to August 13 2022


Aquarius icon

Don’t get down

The number 11 is in your chart this week as a beacon of light, hope, and energy. If you can follow the 11s in your life, you’ll be able to combat any weighty feelings that are bringing you down. Resilience is going to be extremely important for you this week, as you’re going to face one challenge after the next. The number 65 suggests that if you can overcome all of the obstacles in your path right now, you’ll find a meaningful reward at the end of your journey.

  • 11
  • 65

Aquarius Lucky Number Predictions

August 7 to August 13 2022


Pisces icon

Financial progress

You’ve been working tirelessly toward some financial goals of yours lately. Keep at it, because the number 31 indicates that you’re finally starting to make some forward progress. While you aren’t quite over the hump and in the clear just yet, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll surely keep making strides toward reaching your goals. The number 46 is also in your chart as a reminder to practice both patience and self-love.

  • 31
  • 46

Pisces Lucky Number Predictions

August 7 to August 13 2022