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Lottery Numerology Predictions

Lottery USA is your best source for free astrological predictions and lucky lottery numbers. Every week we bring you the most up to date astrological forecasts for all signs of the zodiac.


One door opens as another slams shut.

Ouch. Conflict isn’t always able to be resolved, aside from walking away. Where one door slams shut, don’t dwell. Instead, listen to number 9 by letting go and walking through the door of another opportunity. Arguments, tension and old patterns tire you the point of burnout. Don’t let it. Number 19 indicates that though you are discouraged, you prefer to laugh and lift others up. Carry this energy with you as you regain control over your life. A new opportunity arrives this week.


A relationship deepens and thrives on adventure.

Number 85 blesses relationships with positivity and adventure. You’re deep in the honeymoon phase, no matter whether it’s been 5 months, 5 years or 50 years. Number 85 is about seizing opportunities and number 17 is about manifesting good fortune. You found the right person at the right time, and while giddy, you may be questioning it. Let loose, and take your sweetheart on an adventure this week. Your relationship thrives on adventure and spontaneity.


Dream for what you deserve.

You want to elevate yourself to the lifestyle that you deserve. Highly independent, you’ve always taken care of yourself, but that’s sometimes meant going without. Number 16 encourages you to plan for your future, including the lifestyle you desire, as you set your career goals for the future. Number 28 indicates that you may consider going into business with someone, or that this individual may express interest in a business partnership this week. Be realistic, but don’t  be afraid to dream for what you deserve.


Grab the bull by the horns, and get ready to go!

Sudden life changes have swept you off your feet in a good way, says number 51. You’re feeling optimistic, but number 57 reminds you not to forget your priorities. Now, those may also shift as your life changes. Make a list and don’t forget to include a celebration!  It could be a move,  job promotion, new baby or other exciting news, but your life is shifting in a very positive direction. Don’t let the little things hold you back by delegating tasks that you don’t have to handle.


Changing your thinking, and you’ll see the opportunity in everything.

When criticism is not so constructive, it can really damage the ego and one’s self-esteem. Let the haters  hate, as number 73 reminds you that you are talented and have support. Look for a new ally to enter the fold this week, whether that’s a new hire at work or a new neighbor. It’s all about perspective, and one compliment can help inspire you to see the good in yourself and life. Number 80 urges you to transform those negative thoughts as this new ally has an opportunity perfect for you.


Just focus on doing your best.

Why are you being so hard on yourself? Plan all you want, but life doesn’t always go according to plan, says angel number 7. Your best is set in stone. Bringing your best will vary every day, and that’s okay. Keep this attitude and you'll get through a tough project or issue with more finesse. Number 97 indicates that this approach will put you on the path to success, and remember that every “mistake” is an opportunity for learning and growth. Errors are opportunities to make anything a bit better.


Discipline focuses you on success at a time of high stakes.

You have a wonderful network of people to cheer you on and to work with as you get closer to your goals. Your biggest ally, according to number 33, is discipline. As a deadline shifts, be prepared to buckle in with strict discipline to meet your goals. Will your results prove satisfactory? Number 45 indicates that the pressure will actually be a good thing. You’ll make a sound decision at high stakes, and the other party is going to be very happy about that.


Kindness is the key to freeing yourself.

You are very wrapped up in a situation or connection with someone else this week. You are at a crossroads where you know you need to let go of the past, according to number 81. What’s your pattern? Be kind to yourself, and be kind to the other party by respecting their boundaries and words. Number 39 reminds us not to connect to the past or to a person. Only you can validate yourself. By being kind to yourself, you free yourself to love and live your best life.


Achievements fuel your adventurous mindset.

You’ve been setting aside money to manifest a goal, be that a trip or a treat for yourself. Number 35 indicates that you will close on that goal this week, and number 18 backs this notion up with its association of accomplishment. Soak up your win. Enjoy your reward because this is a symbol of all you can accomplish when you combine your passion with discipline. You tend to be an adventurous dreamer and may jump from project to project, but this one, you won. Enjoy it for all its worth.


Your needs will be met.

A worry arises this week with domestic concerns. You may feel anxious about how you will pay certain bills or if your mover will arrive on time if making a major move. Number 15 signifies you embracing and expressing your independence, and number 61 urges you to trust in the process because your needs will be met. Everything will come together this week, even if it comes together at the last minute. All will be well. 


Remain centered, and the answer will come.

Anxiety leads to more anxiety the more you dwell on a subject. You consider every which way it couldn’t work out. Number 52 reminds you that when you make a choice you must honor yourself and your values. An event at the start of the week will make you reconsider your perspective and even your beliefs. It’s okay to go silent for a few days while you meditate on the matter. Number 14 connects with the planet Mercury, which is the captain of communication. Make sure your words align with your truth before you express.


Save your coin, and trust that financial security is coming.

This week finds you buckling down on your budget. Meaningful coincidences align on your path to keep you focused on your goals and your reasons for saving, says number 5. You’re a little worried by midweek as an unexpected bill comes in, but hold tight, financial security will soon be yours as the month of May begins. Where does your income come from? You may consider asking for a raise, taking on an extra job or pursuing a new professional path. You will make strides in these shifts, but your attitude toward finances this week is important for the next steps.