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Lottery Numerology Predictions

Lottery USA is your best source for free astrological predictions and lucky lottery numbers. Every week we bring you the most up to date astrological forecasts for all signs of the zodiac.


The comfort zone

For a long time now, you have been preparing yourself and keeping your eyes open for the right opportunity; however, you will not find it right under your nose. With the number 24 in your chart this week, the opportunity you are looking for is attainable—but it is also well beyond the scope of your comfort zone. You will need to put yourself out there in order to succeed. Keep in mind that just because it is out of your comfort zone does not mean that it is outside of the safety zone. When in doubt, follow your lucky number 43.


Do what you’re told, Taurus

As a Taurus, you absolutely abhor being told what to do. At times, you find yourself going about doing something in a very difficult manner just to circumvent some good advice that you did not ask for. With the number 16 in your chart this week, however, you do NOT want to take the long way around. When someone offers you some direction this week, you would do well to follow their advice. Don’t forget to also swallow your pride and thank them for the help while you’re at it. The lucky number 67 means that this advice will come from an unexpected but trusted source.


Caution, danger ahead

With the number 28 in your chart this week, you need to be cautious. This number is known for derailing plans and cutting good things short. If you want to avoid falling prey to this, then keep your wits about you. Don’t rely on caffeine; instead, you should try to get plenty of sleep. Do not dare to kick back and relax with a drink in your hand, it is best to keep your nose to the grindstone. The number 37 is on your side to help balance things out, conscious effort in the right direction will foster good results.


Time to change

You have been repeating the same cycles over and over for too long now, but you have the opportunity to break the habit with the number 54 in your chart this week. If you take some time to reflect honestly about the patterns in your life, then you will find ways to change your pattern of behavior for the better. It will be a difficult journey, no doubt, but you have everything you need to succeed. If you like to play, now is a good time to do so, as lucky number 21 is in your cards.


Life tune up

With the number 41 in your chart, you are approaching a rare opportunity to drastically alter the course of your life. Everything can change in just one day if you are open to the possibilities. Weigh your options carefully to make sure that your decisions align with the tone that you are looking for in your life. With the lucky number 03 on your side, all positive decisions will be multiplied thrice over. This truly is a special time in your life, so take a moment to document in a journal how you are feeling and the thought process behind your decisions.


Utility over-sentimentality

You can be very sentimental at times (very typical of a Virgo), so you have a hard time letting go of old clothing that you no longer wear or things that you no longer use. In the past, you have allowed sentimental attachment to cloud your vision, causing you to hold on to a lot of junk that is weighing you down. But with the number 13 in your chart this week, a purge is desperately needed. You need to remove stale energy and possessions that are holding you back. Try to be objective as you go through your things and realistic about their usefulness and value, and number 27 will help.


Fuel for the fire

In the face of conflict, you have two choices: you can either allow yourself to be consumed by the fire or use that fire to fuel real and positive change. With the number 14 in your chart this week, a conflict will bring this lesson into your life, so carefully consider your options. Do not give in to blind rage—do your best to keep your perspective. The number 62 in your chart indicates that there will be someone to turn to for support during this time, so do not forget to look around.


Big picture

There are times to focus on minute details, and there are times to focus on the big picture. With the number 38 ruling your chart this week, now is a time for big picture ideas. Take a step back from your day-to-day to-do list and make a list of bigger yearly goals. After getting a clear idea of your ideal future,  return to your daily to-do list and make sure that what you are doing on a day to day basis is helping to propel you towards those long term goals. You also have the number 47 in your chart right now. Between these two numbers, you are setting the tone of your life for years to come.


It’s up to you

The number 30 is here to remind you that no one is responsible for you but yourself. Someone is going to put you in a position where you are uncomfortable, but you will need to remember that how you react to the situation is entirely up to you. You can choose to react well, or you can try to blame the other person, but only one of these will lead you to positive growth. With the number 59 in your chart as well, now it’s a great time to explore a new hobby or creative outlet.


Set your boundaries

You are going to feel stretched thin this week with the number 23 in your deck. As a valuable team player, everyone will want you on their side, but you just won’t have time for them all. Make sure that you are prioritizing your own time and setting clear boundaries. If you fall short of someone’s expectations, the fault will be your own if you have not been clear with your intentions and limitations. You do have the number 65 on your side as well, so you will find that people are very understanding if you take the time to explain your position. The opportunity for everyone to succeed is there.


A new chapter

With the number 10 in your cards this week, you will need to prepare for yet another shift. You will not be able to progress if you do not adapt and rise to the new circumstances. Don’t feel discouraged; you are not starting over from scratch; you are just starting a new chapter in the middle of a long and wonderful book. The number 61 is on your side at this time, so if you go looking for guidance, you will find it. Draw upon your personal experiences as well as the experiences of others to make sure this new chapter is a success.


Ground yourself, Pisces

As a Pisces, you struggle to stay grounded at times. You are easily excitable and love imagining all the possibilities when just starting out on a new adventure. However, you have the number 05 in your cards this week—so now is not the time for all of that. You are in the middle of a long and possibly tedious adventure, and your imagination will not help you here. What you need is a healthy dose of reality. Your lucky number 46 will help you to take a good look around you and make some solid decisions; otherwise, you will be stuck here even longer.