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Aries icon

Measured with words

You are likely to experience heightened emotions this week and it could lead to a bit of overreaction to comments from colleagues. You may need to be a little measured but still honest when offering feedback to staff working under you. 7 is indicative of the need for wisdom and self-awareness. Delegation might be a good idea when you are feeling a little drained by your to-do list. As the week progresses, you may feel inclined to go out for a drink with a friend. Some interesting musicals might be showing near you. It could be time to rekindle the love for a hobby you once had.

  • 7
  • 47

Aries lucky number predictions

May 19 to May 25 2024


Taurus icon

New spaces

You may suddenly realize how fast time is moving and yet you feel you are stuck in a moment in time. Perhaps you need to be more mindful of the evolving world around you. A visit to the local market could see you appreciate a new selection of things to enjoy. 22 on the cards means that your smile is always a wonderful addition to the world. 34 means more spontaneity is coming to your world. A bump into a stranger might turn out to be the most wonderful moment of a rough week. Some optimism can turn around any situation into a good one.

  • 22
  • 34

Taurus lucky number predictions

May 19 to May 25 2024


Gemini icon

Take the shot

A few interesting business opportunities may come your way soon. As always, be careful in your analysis but remember to trust your judgement. 20 on the charts this week symbolizes a focused hunter. Do not be too scared to take the shot when the moment comes. The thought of winning should be greater than your fear of missing. 43 says your energy levels are likely to receive a boost this week. There might be some good news on the way. Your work is getting noticed lately and it is a cue to keep your foot on the pedal.

  • 20
  • 43

Gemini lucky number predictions

May 19 to May 25 2024


Cancer icon


You might have made travel arrangements for the holidays well in advance and yet you feel restless about it.  Your intuition might be hinting at an important detail you forgot. You may need to go over everything again. 36 on the charts hints at a wonderful weekend with the family. It is always wonderful to drop everything and be truly present when hanging out with them. 58 is an invitation to try out a different approach when visiting a new place. The local market might spring up some wonderful surprises. There might be wonderful gifts at impressive prices.

  • 36
  • 58

Cancer lucky number predictions

May 19 to May 25 2024


Leo icon

Skills to use

This week, some opportunities to make money using skills you picked up recently could be available. Be quick to put your hand up when you spot the chance. 3 points to a productive season on the horizon and you might get more done than you currently estimate. 44 means that work engagements may push you to the limit, but it will be well worth it in the long run. Your satisfaction with your work is coming to an all-time high. It may be surprisingly rewarding to journal important milestones in this period of your work life.

  • 3
  • 44

Leo lucky number predictions

May 19 to May 25 2024


Virgo icon

Nothing is wrong

A recent interaction may have left you questioning whether you were on the wrong. Someone may have blamed you for something you had nothing to do with. 49 means that your initial judgment of the situation was not wrong and you need not pay too much mind to it. Your reputation should speak on your behalf and time will vindicate you. 65 is symbolic of a clear conscience. An indoor weekday watching some classic movies with your loved one is a nice way to tie up a busy week. It may be time to open a special bottle from your cellar.

  • 49
  • 65

Virgo lucky number predictions

May 19 to May 25 2024


Libra icon

Your motivation

The universe sends you signals when you are on the right track toward something you have wanted for a long time. Paying close attention to your intuition will be extremely important in the coming weeks. There is little gain in getting worked up in things beyond your control. 14 advises you to channel your energy to prepare for your day in the ring. 56 says you may need to push away a few things that seem rather attractive but are ultimately distractions. The reward may be beyond your wildest imagination so continue staying in your lane.

  • 14
  • 56

Libra lucky number predictions

May 19 to May 25 2024


Scorpio icon


Your personality is likely to come in handy during difficult negotiations in the business world. Do not be shy about using your wit and humor to bring light to dull conversations.18 on the charts points to new ideas springing to mind in unexpected moments. Be careful not to bite too much, especially when at the cusp of something big. 55 says you will have to carefully consider each idea at its time. You need not put too much pressure on yourself. The scoreboard says you are winning already so take a moment to put everything into proper perspective.

  • 18
  • 55

Scorpio lucky number predictions

May 19 to May 25 2024


Sagittarius icon


This week, you are likely to be in relaxed spirits and nothing can knock you off your step. You may find it easy to let go of small matters that would ordinarily get you upset. It is a wonderful time to organize an impromptu dinner for close family members. Someone close may be celebrating a significant milestone, and it would be nice to recognize them. 32 is a reminder of the strength of your unit of closest people. A gratitude exercise could radically shift your view on the cards you have been dealt. It is a wonderful world if you choose to see it that way.

  • 32
  • 58

Sagittarius lucky number predictions

May 19 to May 25 2024


Capricorn icon


An awakening might be taking place within you and you may find yourself wanting to spend more time than usual in meditation. Your mind may become clearer on what is important at the moment and a major dilemma may finally resolve itself. 6 on the charts signifies peace and contentment. The things that seem attractive to others are not as appealing to you. 65 is a signal to walk your path and not focus on what others are doing. Spending more time outdoors could bring positive energy to your days. Do not be reluctant to let your significant other come along with you on evening walks.

  • 6
  • 65

Capricorn lucky number predictions

May 19 to May 25 2024


Aquarius icon

Out of the box

You may find yourself coming up with creative solutions to what others may see as tough challenges. This may cause your stock to rise, and you could be primed for greater responsibility. Number 40 on the charts this week represents patience. It may be prudent to take your time before shaking hands on a deal and consider all options you may have available. 58 suggests your point of view could be limited so some advice from a seasoned veteran is due. Your time on the big stage is drawing closer. You understand your weaknesses quite well so play to your strengths when you get there.

  • 39
  • 58

Aquarius lucky number predictions

May 19 to May 25 2024


Pisces icon

Winning feeling

An interesting week lies ahead with an unexpected call from friends you have not seen in a while. You might find yourself booking a flight to see them later in the year. 35 is a reminder to enjoy the small perks available to you. There is never a signal to slow down and enjoy nice moments. Some time off from work will do you great good, especially after a few busy months. 57 suggests you should speak more positivity to your days. It is wise to avoid conversations about how slim your chances of stepping into a bigger stage are. Your dreams are still valid, and your gut feeling is right.

  • 35
  • 57

Pisces lucky number predictions

May 19 to May 25 2024