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Aries icon

Everyone needs a vacation

Take a breather, Aries. Everything’s going to be okay. It’s often hard for you to downshift your brain into vacation mode, but everyone needs to take a vacation now and again. You’ve definitely earned one with how many hours you’ve been putting into the grind. There’s nothing wrong with working hard and reaping the rewards, but it’s just as important to take a few days off for some rest and relaxation. The number 13 is often connotated with bad luck or bad news, but in this instance, it’s urging you to take a timeout from the everyday routine that’s been heavily work-involved lately. The number 41 is a number that represents breaking the structure and finding reprieve.

  • 13
  • 41

Aries Lucky Number Predictions

September 12 to September 18 2021


Taurus icon

Plenty of time

One concept you’ve always understood is that time is essentially infinite. While each of our individual lives may only last a century or so, our spirits, the energy that moves through and within us, is eternal. Now, that doesn’t mean you can procrastinate on your projects forever and ever. But, what it does give you is the much-needed perception that time is relative. As long as things are getting done within a reasonable window of their expectations; there’s really no need to panic. Note the painting by Salvador Dali, and keep in mind how relative time really is. The number 4 shows up as an indication that you’re building a strong community for yourself, despite any present or apparent friction that’s arising. The number 27 is a symbol of the futility of time, and a good reminder to keep the larger picture in mind.

  • 4
  • 27

Taurus Lucky Number Predictions

September 12 to September 18 2021


Gemini icon


It happens to all of us from time to time, but things have been spiraling, Gemini. It’s okay, no one is necessarily to blame. Sometimes life just gets crazy. When this happens it can be extraordinarily helpful to take a step back from the noise and refocus. Not only your attention, but your intention, and your energy. Taking the time to truly define your goals and your desired outcomes will help you figure out where you need to put your time. Refocus, and get back at it - after all, the world doesn’t stop spinning on anyone’s account. The number 17 represents an unfocused energy that is aching for direction. The number 36 is a strong push to keep your feet on the ground, one after the other, just as you always have.

  • 17
  • 36

Gemini Lucky Number Predictions

September 12 to September 18 2021


Cancer icon

The comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone is important, but not always easy. That’s something that a lot of us experience early on in life, being pushed out of our comfort zone and being forced to adapt. This isn’t the first time it’s happened to you either, Cancer, however, this time around it feels even more foreign for some reason. Have no fear though, trust your instincts and do your best. Everyone around you is in a similar boat, being pushed outside of their comfort zones. The best you can do is be there for one another and refrain from judgment. The number 12 is a number that represents a strong community. The number 18 gives the hint that you’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone.

  • 12
  • 18

Cancer Lucky Number Predictions

September 12 to September 18 2021


Leo icon


Relief is one of the most underrated feelings that we experience as humans. Although, from what we’re being relieved is the larger question. Your energy has been tensely wound lately, Leo, and not to anyone’s fault in particular. However, there’s a tidal wave-sized release coming your way shortly. One that seems to want you prepared to have weights lifted off your shoulder. Beware, though. Once the current burdens are lifted, they’re often quickly replaced with heavier ones. The number 9 presents a large release that’s imminent in your life which should provide a hefty feeling of relief. The number 21 is associated with a singular event.

  • 9
  • 21

Leo Lucky Number Predictions

September 12 to September 18 2021


Virgo icon

Trust is earned

As you’ve learned, and are now being reminded, trust is earned rather than given freely. In most cases, anyhow. This is a milestone principle that sometimes gets lost in our society. However, there’s power in developing relationships over time. Especially trustworthy relationships. It isn’t always easy, and it certainly requires a certain amount of dedicated time and energy. However, the more reliable you show yourself to be, the more reliability will come to you in return. The number 15 is a hard number that represents sturdiness and fortitude. The number 30, especially paired with 15, represents the concept that acting trustworthy builds trust.

  • 15
  • 30

Virgo Lucky Number Predictions

September 12 to September 18 2021


Libra icon

The limelight

The exotic and exuberant energy continues on. There’s nothing like this feeling, Libra. Life has been tantalizing lately. To the point it makes your skin crawl with the best goosebumps you’ve ever felt. You’re not generally used to taking up so much of the limelight, which is making it all that more exhilarating. You can feel your adrenaline pumping and your heart pounding. There’s no need to slow down, not as long as you’re having fun and exercising a modest amount of caution. Ride this wave of energy while it has you elevated. The number 5 shows you how your individuality is expanding your circles. The number 52 compliments the level of showmanship that exists within you recently.

  • 5
  • 52

Libra Lucky Number Predictions

September 12 to September 18 2021


Scorpio icon

Honesty’s the best policy

This may sound like something we tell our kids. But the truth will nearly always prevail. It’s a good policy to hold onto, Scorpio. Just because someone else tells you that they think it’s childish, doesn’t mean it actually is. Perception is integral to how we make our way through the world. But holding differing perceptions is far removed from flat-out lying. If you find out that people are actively lying to you, there’s likely a deeper root there, but you need to decide if it’s worth discovering. Sometimes, we just have to cut the negative energies out of our life entirely. The number 7 hints that you’ll be walking a path of good fortune. The number 22 urges you to question things when they seem too good to be true.

  • 7
  • 22

Scorpio Lucky Number Predictions

September 12 to September 18 2021


Sagittarius icon

Claiming power

There are people and communities in the world that genuinely have a right to reclaim aspects of their lives, history, culture, or identity. While it isn’t quite the same, you too need to claim power over your own life, Sagittarius. There is, no doubt, something to manifest. But manifestation is most powerful when it is working in concert with an active pursuit. In other words, we need to align our actions and our thoughts, and our energy in order to create the life we want for ourselves. Claim this power, Sagittarius, and make your life exactly what you want it to be. The number 14 wants you to step into yourself and take control of your life. The number 51 is also a reminder that we really do need to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  • 14
  • 51

Sagittarius Lucky Number Predictions

September 12 to September 18 2021


Capricorn icon


Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity. It seems that everywhere you look these days, someone is trying to hire you, Capricorn. While this is a welcome influx of work and prosperity for you, it’s also very sudden. Remember that you’re accomplished. Remind yourself of the value that you offer and your actual worth, as well. The influx of work could be an indication that it’s time to raise your rates. Don’t burn yourself out trying to meet deadlines for clients when garnering a few higher-quality clients will yield the same profits. The number 2 represents a bounty of opportunity. The number 35 cautions you to keep some of your energy for yourself.

  • 2
  • 35

Capricorn Lucky Number Predictions

September 12 to September 18 2021


Aquarius icon


There are people in our lives who are sort of ‘samplers’. These are people that don’t ever necessarily fit into any one circle. Drifters, more or less. They come into our lives, looking to sample us, and our routines as if we’re a selection at a winery. While samplers can make for a great party or a wild-night-away type of escape, they’re generally ungrounded. This is an energy that could be disruptive for you, Aquarius. With the level of empathy, you typically exhibit, pushing yourself to understand and accommodate ‘samplers’ is simply a little too much. Find the words to set boundaries for yourself, and make sure you’re spending your energy on those who are worthwhile. The number 4 urges you to reinvest your time into your community. The number 16 is a very grounded number that wants you to find a connection to nature.

  • 4
  • 16

Aquarius Lucky Number Predictions

September 12 to September 18 2021


Pisces icon


You feel as though you’ve reached a certain professional milestone as of late. This is a strict victory for you, as life has certainly put you through the wringer as of late, so to speak. As sensitive as you are, Pisces, you’ve never been one to just lay down and give up completely. Now that you’ve taken some time to rest, grieve, and recharge, you’ve been hitting the pavement hard. And it’s been showing. The success you’ve found as of late is telling of more to come and has put you in a position to once again embrace socialization. The number 10 is a strong indication that further success and fortune are coming down the line. The number 62 is representative of the community and urges you to re-enter a period of socialization.

  • 10
  • 62

Pisces Lucky Number Predictions

September 12 to September 18 2021