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Aries icon

New place

This week, you may not enjoy your time off as much as you did a little while back. Your routine may be due for a refresh. Your lucky number 17 says you should accept an invitation to try out a new activity with a friend or colleague. It may be the start of a new outdoor hobby. 35 is an acknowledgment of the fact that joy is almost always a decision away. You may want to take more photos and take in moments with more regularity as you visit new places.

  • 17
  • 35

Aries lucky number predictions

June 16 to June 22 2024


Taurus icon


Your attention may have been recently drawn to success stories of people who started something small and turned it into a force to reckon with. This could start a fire inside you to go on your quest. 8 is a green light to start because you have all the tools at your disposal, although it may feel differently now. People want to associate with good stories, and you will get a lot of love down the road. The start, though, may be quite lonely. 47 says you have to pay your dues like those before you. The power to write your story is in your hands.

  • 8
  • 47

Taurus lucky number predictions

June 16 to June 22 2024


Gemini icon

Calm demeanor

Your ability to judge situations quickly and correctly will often stand you in good stead. As you go into social spaces this week, you may want to be wary of people who seem rowdy and reckless in their speech. A small altercation could turn volatile rather quickly. The lucky number 28 means there is little to gain by staying where your spirit is not calm. Listening to your intuition is a gift too. 51 suggests that you may be interested in pursuing knowledge in a fresh field. There are plenty of resources for you to use on your journey. Monetization may not be too far away if you can stay the course.

  • 28
  • 51

Gemini lucky number predictions

June 16 to June 22 2024


Cancer icon


Trusting a formula to produce results can be more difficult than it seems on paper when you are in the field. You may be required to exercise a great deal of patience over the coming weeks and trust that everything will work out as hoped. 33 is a reminder that the formula has worked before and you need not change course. 67 says you could take some time off and get your mind on something else. It could be time to finish that book on your shelf. Results will speak more loudly and clearly than any words you attempt now. Just wait.

  • 33
  • 67

Cancer lucky number predictions

June 16 to June 22 2024


Leo icon

New pinnacles

After reaching a seemingly high pinnacle, some time off should allow you to set your sights on a new vision. Hunger for new things is a sign of life and optimism about what the future holds for you. Number 5 on the charts is a prompt to spend enough time in contemplation to gain clarity of the path to follow to your destination. Be wary of spreading yourself too thin and chasing several targets at once. 37 is symbolic of the power of a focused mind. An old friend may invite you for a drink soon. A heartfelt conversation might jolt you into action sooner than you expected.

  • 5
  • 37

Leo lucky number predictions

June 16 to June 22 2024


Virgo icon


Genuine compassion in the face of human pain is a great quality to have. The universe may be sending a message regarding this theme. A thank-you note for something you did a while back may ignite your mood and prompt you to do something similar. 43 says the world is a better place when you strive to be kind. 57 is symbolic of the abundance of the things we seek in the quest to do better. Contentment is an underrated thing in a world fuelled by consumption. Being different will make you happier than most people around the world.

  • 43
  • 57

Virgo lucky number predictions

June 16 to June 22 2024


Libra icon

Plug it

It is easy to let small mistakes slide when so significant harm has been done. This week though, you may want to take corrective action when you notice something wrong in your business. 28 says a small sign could be a precursor to a bigger problem pretty soon. You do not want to lose something you have worked so hard to build.65 says some tough but important decisions need to be made.  There is little room for sentiments when so much is at stake. Hold people to account for their actions instead of their words and you will not go wrong.

  • 28
  • 65

Libra lucky number predictions

June 16 to June 22 2024


Scorpio icon

Right place

This week, you may need to have the right tools to make the correct decision regarding an opportunity presented to you. A little inspection is necessary to know what your priority should be. An offer could be a great chance to gain experience even though the package is not too attractive financially.  45 on your charts suggests seeking guidance from a mentor if nothing seems to make sense. 57 on the other hand says you should know when to let go and find bigger fish to fry. Taking time to pen your thoughts and feelings is a great place to start.

  • 45
  • 57

Scorpio lucky number predictions

June 16 to June 22 2024


Sagittarius icon

Stepping up

Being required to step up and lead might seem like a big ask for you but you should relish the challenge. 13 suggests it may be a great opportunity to learn more about yourself in a new environment. 31 says knowing how to use what you have available to you is a great sign of wisdom. Reaching out for assistance could save you a great deal of time in a fast-paced environment. You may be surprised at how much you can get done in a short amount of time. Complimenting others for their contribution will make them more appreciative of your contributions, too.

  • 13
  • 31

Sagittarius lucky number predictions

June 16 to June 22 2024


Capricorn icon


After a period of struggling to get into the right gear to tick off some important goals, a period of enhanced calm and focus could be on the horizon. Your lucky number 4 on the list is symbolic of undisturbed waters. You might need to lay off social media as you work on your next project to avoid getting worked up by the news cycle. 30, on the other hand, represents fruitfulness under the right conditions. Your value in the market is a factor of your output and not potential. Understanding this means you are playing the game by the correct rules.

  • 4
  • 30

Capricorn lucky number predictions

June 16 to June 22 2024


Aquarius icon

Scars to show

Deep thoughts about recent events may abound this week. Building something great indeed requires a lot of sacrifice. 38 says you have some scars to show you have been to the battlefield. You ought to be prouder of yourself. While feelings of doubt may creep up every so often, you must remember what you are made of. You have a lot to share with those who look up to you. 59 suggests you may find a new passion while sharing what you know with others. There is nothing better than building what is likely to outlive you.

  • 38
  • 59

Aquarius lucky number predictions

June 16 to June 22 2024


Pisces icon

Pinch of salt

Like most people, you may be inclined to react and defend yourself when people speak negatively of your work. A more measured approach though could help you take the unnecessary weight off your shoulders. 42 says you have put in great work to grow your craft. It takes courage to start and share your work with others. Those who criticize your work may have little to show for themselves. Taking their words too seriously may be a little irrational on your part. 29 is a call to put your head down and play the cards you have been dealt.

  • 29
  • 42

Pisces lucky number predictions

June 16 to June 22 2024