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Lottery Numerology Predictions

Lottery USA is your best source for free astrological predictions and lucky lottery numbers. Every week we bring you the most up to date astrological forecasts for all signs of the zodiac.


A point of balance

You are at a really exciting place in your journey right now with the number 25 in the mix. This number signifies an important period of growth as a person and an interesting mix of opportunity and wisdom. You’re holding on to that optimism and ambition, and yet you are also getting a foothold in the harsh realities of life. Don’t worry, with the help of number 40 in your chart as well, you will balance this dichotomy almost effortlessly. You will know just enough to find your way but not so much that you create extra roadblocks in your mind with preconceived notions.


Learn a little bit from everyone

With number 37 in your chart this week, the time is ripe for some new perspectives and points of view. If you listen closely to those around you this week, you are bound to pick up nuggets of wisdom all over the place. Every person you encounter will have something to teach you, as long as you are prepared to learn. So, take a moment to clear your head, open your mind, and prepare to be amazed at what you’ll uncover this week. An extra special lesson will come in tandem with the appearance of lucky number 61.


Satisfying challenges

With number 45 in your chart this week, you are a real leader. And by that, we mean that you are a real team player. You are a valuable asset to your group and they will be recognizing and appreciating that this week. Bask in that glory, it won’t last forever. With number 29 in the stars as well, there is a major challenge that is right around the corner. You are ready for it, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be challenging for you. This will all be fine because as a Gemini you are the type of person who gets bored if things are too easy.


Stuck in the middle

You’re stuck in the middle, and you will be for a while. This is due to the influence of both number 50 and crazy number 08 in your chart this week. Whenever these two are paired up, it spells stagnation and sometimes frustration. You are spinning your wheels but going nowhere. You are taking steps, but even those in the right direction lead you back to where you started. Instead of trying harder, try to do less. Close your eyes and move by feeling instead of overthinking. Tapping into Wu wei, you will do more by not doing.


Unlucky strike

Get ready for a setback, Leo, because you have unfortunate number 13 in your cards this week. An unexpected surprise will be delivered along with what you asked for: you wanted a normal dozen but ended up with a baker’s instead. The thing is, this number doesn’t know it’s a curse. It wants to help and add value, it just doesn’t realize that a bonus isn’t as helpful when it’s unexpected. Your table is just destined to have 05 legs this week, so you might as well make the best of it. You might try to find a use for it… or find a way to saw it off.


Compounded luck

The luck is flowing for you this week with an almost unbelievable combination of numbers in your chart. Number 07 will bless you will cunning charisma and good fortune in an existing or budding romantic relationship. For triple the luck, number 21 is also in your cards this week. You will be particularly lucky when it comes to games, stocks, or other forms of competition, so now might be a great time to place a bet or make an investment. The stars are truly on your side this week, enjoy it and make the most of the opportunities that are presented.


On the team

If anyone is picking teams this week, you are sure to be picked first with number 23 in your chart. You are a valuable asset every week, but that has gone unnoticed at times. This week you will be provided an opportunity to shine and earn well-deserved recognition for a job well done. You already had it in you, and the universe has aligned so that others will see that too. In a personal matter, number 46 is also in your chart this week. You will come to an understanding with a loved one and resolve a point of tension that has been lingering for some time now.


Bright and cheery

As a Scorpio, you are colorful and bright both inside and out. You appreciate a good color pallet for your wardrobe just as much as a positive outlook on life. You will need to draw from that inner strength this week with the numbers 53 and 09 showing up. You are nearing the completion of a series, but it will feel like you are still bogged down in the middle. The last mile is always the longest, but if you keep your chin up and your spirit bright, you will see it through to completion. Looking colorful at the finish line never hurts either.


Everything is falling into place

Blessed by serendipitous number 11 this week, things will start falling into place without much effort on your part. A little nudge here and there is all that you will need to keep your ducks neatly in a row. Without the pressure to hold everything together with the sheer force of will, you will be able to spend some time truly relaxing this week. Try to disconnect and enjoy this time guilt-free as much as you can. Number 47 has been around the block a few times, it will be there by your side to help you to capitalize on this opportunity for relaxation.


Keen eyes

As a Capricorn, you are sharp and perceptive. Which is a good thing too, because number 68 is going to try to pull the wool over your eyes this week. Although you cannot be fooled so easily, it could be advantageous to play along a little bit. Don’t let on that you see the bigger picture, just naturally sidestep those tiger traps as if it is only luck and serendipity keeping you out of trouble. You do have lucky number 22 on your side this week, so you will no doubt be able to make the best of any situation that you find yourself in.


Up and up

Progressing from step number one last week and on to number 02 this week, you are treading on the right path and covering lots of ground quickly on the way to the peek. However, with number 36 also in the mix, beware of a looming roadblock. You might find yourself stopped short this week. As an Aquarius, you have a strong and proud personality, but this is one of those roadblocks that is much easier to sidestep around than to bust your way through. Close your mouth, be humble, and you will move right along.


Throw the dice

Last week the Universe was helping you to merely avert disaster, but this week it will be actively raining blessings down upon you. With the appearance of lucky number 33, your luck has tripled, and nothing can hold you back right now. Throw the dice and spin the wheel, all will turn out in your favor. Your complimenting number is 57, which will help to keep you grounded during this time. Instead of getting too carried away with the party, it will ensure that you don’t party too hard and invest this good fortune in your future.