About us

Lottery USA is the oldest independent lottery results site on the Web. Established in 1995, Lottery USA’s mission is to provide visitors with accurate lottery information, tools, and other services for all 45 state lotteries as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

We offer instantaneous results and state-specific information about games, rules, schedules, claiming procedures, FAQs, and results archives. Our talented team is constantly working to improve your lottery experience. In order to continue to innovate, we need your feedback. We invite you to contact us with any suggestions that you may have.


What we do

Our databases are updated constantly to show the latest lottery results. Users have access to the last 365 days’ worth of numbers. Our dedicated lottery specialists oversee these numbers to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date.

We also offer lottery tools to improve your experience with the games, including past number checkers and quick pick generators. These tools analyze thousands of lottery numbers in real time.

The changing face of Lottery USA

Lottery USA has rebranded six times across its 23-year existence. Changes to the design reflect the trends and styles of the time, so please bear with us—some of them seem terribly outdated now! We hope you agree that our latest logo is a huge improvement on anything that came before it.

Lotteryusa.com 1996 logo 1995 The first ever Lottery USA logo. Designed on an IBM PS/2 using Coral Draw v6. The letters USA are made to look like lottery balls. Because we’re a lottery website—get it?
Lotteryusa.com 2000 logo 2000 The first time the Lottery USA oval was used. A smiley face was included in this design. Because the lottery makes us smile.
Lotteryusa.com 2010 logo 2010 A modernized version of the original oval logo design This is the last time that .com was featured in the logo.
Lotteryusa.com 2011 logo 2011 A new logo with bigger USA letters and a star symbolizing the United States. Italic font introduced for the first time.
Lotteryusa.com 2014 logo 2014 A move to a more simplified version of the logo retaining the core elements: a star, oval, and a continued emphasis on USA.
2020 A minimalist logo in keeping with the less-is-more design ethos. Horizontal so that it works well on mobile devices. The star moved into a ball and the italic font gives a fast, clean, and accurate feel.

Our trademark

To make it to the principal register of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a trademark applicant must show that the mark has “acquired distinctiveness,” which means the general public must recognize the name as being synonymous with the goods or service the company supplies, and not simply describing the goods or service.

In November 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office accepted that, on evidence, Lottery USA was synonymous with North American lottery and recognized well enough by the general public to warrant its trademark being included in the principal register.

The trademarks can be seen here: