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Wyoming Lottery Results

Game Result Est. Jackpot Next Draw
Cowboy Draw
  • 19
  • 20
  • 39
  • 41
  • 43
Est. Jackpot
Next Draw
Est. Jackpot
  • 8
  • 25
  • 34
  • 38
  • 41
  • PB: 10
  • Power Play: 3
Est. Jackpot
$31 Million
Next Draw
Est. Jackpot
$40 Million
Mega Millions
  • 4
  • 43
  • 56
  • 63
  • 68
  • MB: 13
  • Megaplier: 4
Est. Jackpot
$20 Million
Next Draw
Est. Jackpot
$22 Million
Lucky for Life
  • 3
  • 17
  • 19
  • 21
  • 37
  • LB: 12
Top Prize
$1,000 Per day for life
Next Draw
Top Prize
$1,000 Per day for life
  • Red Ball: 19
  • Red Ball: 23
  • White Ball: 18
  • White Ball: 25
Top Prize
Next Draw
Top Prize

Wyoming Lottery COVID-19 Update

Scammers are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing their activities in Wyoming. Be aware, stay alert, and never send money to receive a lottery prize.

Claim Center Information

The Wyoming Lottery office is open by appointment only.

Claiming a Winning Ticket

The Wyoming Lottery Office is opened Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and certain security measures will be implemented and are mandatory for both players and staff. Please note that due to security reasons, masks are not permitted in the lobby. Players that want to claim their prizes in person need to book an appointment by calling the Wyoming Lottery Office at (307) 432-9300.

All prizes should be claimed by mail: complete and sign the back of the ticket, fill out the Prize Claim Form, and include a copy of a valid photo ID and proof of the SSN.

All documents need to be mailed via certified mail to the Wyoming Lottery Corporation. Keep a copy of all documents for your records.


A quick summary of all Wyoming State Lottery Games.

Game Prize Type Numbers Sales Close
Cowboy Draw Jackpot 5 from 1-45 1:45 p.m.
Powerball Jackpot 5 from 1-69 + 1 from 1-26 7:59 p.m.
Mega Millions Jackpot 5 from 1-70 + 1 from 1-25 8:00 p.m.
Lucky for Life Top Prize 5 from 1-48 + 1 from 1-18 7:30 p.m.
2by2 Top Prize 2 from 1-26 (2 red & 2 white) 7:30 p.m.

Game Schedule

Find out when each draw takes place.

Game Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Cowboy Draw   2:00 p.m.     2:00 p.m.    
Powerball       8:59 p.m.     8:59 p.m.
Mega Millions     9:00 p.m.     9:00 p.m.  
Lucky for Life   8:38 p.m.     8:38 p.m.    
2by2 8:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m.
All times displayed in Wyoming local time.

Advanced Draws

Wyoming Lottery allows players to purchase tickets for consecutive lottery draws in advance.

Game Advanced Draws
Cowboy Draw up to 20
Powerball up to 20
Mega Millions up to 20
Lucky for Life up to 20
2by2 up to 42

Claiming Prizes

Here's the normal process for claiming prizes in Wyoming.

Prizes of $599 or less

Option 1.
Claim at any local retailer.
Option 2.
Claim at the Wyoming Lottery Office.
Option 3.
Post the signed ticket to the Wyoming State Lottery.

Prizes of $600 or over

Prizes $600 and over and jackpots must be claimed at the Wyoming Lottery Headquarters or sent through the mail. You will need to complete a claim form and present that along with your winning ticket and an attached copy of your driver’s license and Social Security Card to redeem your prize.

All prizes must be claimed within 1 year of the drawing date. It is required to present a Social Security Number in order to claim any lottery winnings over $600.

Postal Address: Wyoming Lottery, 1620 Central Avenue, Suite 100 Cheyenne, WY 82001

Claim Form

Download the Wyoming Lottery Prize Claim Form.

Claim Centers

  • Wyoming Lottery Corporation

    Screenshot of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation Claim Center location
    1620 Central Avenue, Suite 100, Cheyenne, WY 82001
    Phone: (307) 432-9300
    Opening times:
    Tuesday to Thursday - -

Tax Information

Here are the taxes withheld by the Wyoming Lottery from all lottery winnings claimed within the state.

Wyoming Lottery tax withholdings on all winnings
Winnings Tax Percentage
Over $5,000 State Tax 0%
Federal Tax 24%
    Total: 24%

About the Wyoming Lottery

Wyoming Scenery

Branded as WyoLotto, The Wyoming Lottery Corporation is a lottery that is based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming and it started its operations back in July 2013, having been signed into law in March 2013.

Tickets went on sale on August 24, 2014, and close to $200,000 was raised in a single day. By the end of its first month, the Wyoming State Lottery had reached $1.8 million, far exceeding expectations. A nine-member board of directors governs the Wyoming Lottery Corporation and the Governor, Matt Mead, personally selects each one of them. Jon Clontz, former Oregon State Lottery COO was selected to be the Wyoming Lottery’s first CEO. The first $6 million in revenue that was raised through lottery ticket sales in the state went toward paying back start-up loans and city governments around the state.

Today, proceeds from ticket sales go toward the state’s Education Trust Fund to assist K-12 programs. Players must be 18 years old or older to purchase Wyoming Lottery tickets and redeem their prizes.

Contact Information

Phone Number (Toll-Free): (855) 995-6886, (307) 432-9300


How old do I have to be to buy a Wyoming Lottery ticket?

Anyone over the age of 18 years old can play the Wyoming Lottery and claim prizes.

If I win more than $600, how do I claim it?

You need to visit the Wyoming Lottery Headquarters in Cheyenne or contact them at (307) 432-9300 for more information.

You will also need to complete a claim form and take that along with your winning ticket and an attached copy of your driver’s license and Social Security Card to redeem your prize. For prizes of $600 or less, you can visit an authorized Wyoming Lottery retailer.

We recommend that you consult with a lawyer or financial advisor before claiming any big lottery winnings, as they can be of great assistance during the claim process.

If I win the jackpot, can I remain anonymous?

Unlike many U.S. States, the state of Wyoming will honor requests for anonymity from winners, so no one needs to know you won.

What lottery games can I play in Wyoming?

The Wyoming Lottery boasts all the big jackpot games, giving residents in Wyoming plenty of chances to win life-changing amounts. You can play Lucky for Life, Powerball, Mega Millions, 2by2, and Cowboy Draw.

Where does all the Lottery money go?

The net proceeds of the Wyoming State Lottery go to the Wyoming state treasury. From there, it is distributed to cities, towns, and counties to be used to support various causes.

How long do I have to claim my Wyoming Lottery winnings?

Winners have 180 days from the date of the draw to redeem their winning tickets in the state of Wyoming.

Are taxes withheld on lottery winnings in Wyoming?

Yes. If you win a lottery prize in Wyoming, you’ll need to pay income, state, and federal taxes. For certain prizes, the Wyoming Lottery is required to withhold a percentage for tax purposes.

Can I play more than one draw per lottery game at a time?

Yes, the Wyoming Lottery allows you to purchase tickets for a number of consecutive draws in advance. Check our Advanced Draws section to find out how many draws you can play in advance for each game.

What happens if I damage or lose my winning ticket or it is stolen?

Lottery tickets are bearer instruments, which means if you don’t sign the back of your ticket, anyone can claim the winnings. Always sign the back of your tickets right away and keep them somewhere safe.

Can I purchase Wyoming Lottery tickets by phone or mail?

No, you can only purchase tickets at licensed lottery retailers in the state of Wyoming.

Got any more questions about the Wyoming Lottery? Contact us we'd love to help answer them.