Lucky in love and lottery

The Maryland Lottery makes dreams come true.

Lucky in love and lottery
$50,000 Powerball winner from Maryland, "Olney Winner." Photograph credit to the Maryland Lottery.

Twice, the luck struck Maryland this week, showering two lottery players with unexpected prizes. Let's share their inspiring stories and see how a little nudge and a whole lot of luck can change your life.

Powerball pays off for "Olney Winner"

An anonymous Montgomery County woman, forever to be known as "Olney Winner," is celebrating a life-changing $50,000 win thanks to the unwavering support of her boyfriend. 

He, a resident of a state that frowns upon lotteries, consistently offered friendly encouragement: "Just play. It's only a couple of bucks."

Her lucky ticket, a quick-pick Powerball purchased for $10 at Weis Markets in Laurel, miraculously matched five of the winning numbers. Disbelief washed over her as she scanned the ticket with the Maryland Lottery app. "This has to be a glitch. No way," she said, recounting the experience later.

A quick call to her mom for confirmation shattered the disbelief, and the reality of a $50,000 win sunk in. "Olney Winner" is now planning a celebratory vacation with her daughter, a chance to create lasting memories while putting the rest of the windfall towards financial security.

From Baltimore bartender to Bingo bonanza

A Baltimore County bartender with a knack for picking lucky charms experienced a serendipitous turn of events that led him to a $30,000 win.

Describing himself as a "generally happy guy," he admitted to an unusual sense of good fortune on his day off. A regular lottery player who enjoys the thrill of the chase, he buys tickets "just about every day."

Drawn to the vibrant colors and exciting graphics of the Diamond Bingo scratch-off, he initially hesitated, opting for another game that had recently brought him luck. However, when his streak on that particular game ended, he decided to give Diamond Bingo a try. When he scratched off the instant ticket, he revealed a $30,000 win.

Disbelief clouded his initial joy. He ran the ticket through the scanner repeatedly, each time expecting a different result. Finally, needing confirmation, he approached the cashier and asked:

Is this what I think it is?

The cashier's response was all the confirmation he needed. This lucky win will serve multiple purposes: eliminating lingering debt, making wise investments for the future, and bulking up his savings account. He chuckled as he added:

I'll set aside a few bucks for tickets, though. The Lottery has been pretty good to me, and I wouldn't want to break the lucky streak!

Good luck coming to Maryland

These heartwarming stories highlight the Maryland Lottery's unwavering commitment to spreading joy and changing lives. Since 1973, the Lottery has contributed $18.6 billion to Maryland, funding vital initiatives in education, public health, public safety, and environmental protection. Even more impressive, Maryland Lottery players have walked away with a phenomenal $31.5 billion in prizes.

The next time you're feeling a spark of optimism, pick up a Maryland Lottery ticket. You never know; you might just be the next big winner!


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