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Decades of Dollars Lottery Results

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About the Decades of Dollars Lottery

Update: The last drawing for Decades of Dollars was on April 30, 2015. We have kept this page here for informational purposes.

Of all the big US lottery games going, Decades of Dollars is the newest. Having only been created in late 2010, tickets first went on sale on January 30, 2011. On this day, lucky lottery players in Georgia, Kentucky and Virginia were able to select six numbers and watch out for the winning numbers on Monday and Thursday nights.

Arkansas Lottery players were the next to start keeping a look out for Decades of Dollars results. Tickets for the game became available in The Natural State on May 3, 2011 while the first drawing involving the state took place on May 5.

Decades of Dollars players select six numbers from 1-47 with players who match two or more numbers winning prizes. The all-important Decades of Dollars jackpot is something to behold, it consists of 30 yearly instalments of $250,000. This leaves single jackpot winners with a maximum of $10 million. However, for those who want their money a bit quicker, a $4,000,000 cash option is also available.

Bit if you don't happen to match all six of the winning numbers, don't worry as there are more Decades of Dollars prizes available. Players who match two up to five numbers will win prizes varying from $2 up to $10,000.