Wyoming wins big: Lottery funnels $1.3 million to communities

WyoLotto is a ticket to a stronger Wyoming.

Wyoming wins big: Lottery funnels $1.3 million to communities
Wyoming Lottery Headquarters. Photograph credit to the Wyoming Lottery and Google Maps.

WyoLotto continues its commitment to Wyoming by transferring over $1.3 million to the state's cities, towns, and counties in April.

This brings the total contribution to the state to nearly $38 million since the lottery's launch in 2014.

Large jackpots drive lottery sales

WyoLotto CEO Jon Clontz credits the high jackpots to this contribution:

Both Mega Millions and Powerball games had high jackpots this quarter, making it an exciting time! These jackpots contribute substantially to our sales, allowing us to make an awesome transfer to Wyoming's cities, towns, and counties.

Jackpot fever gripped the nation this quarter. Both Powerball and Mega Millions soared to astronomical heights, with Powerball reaching over $1 billion and Mega Millions finding a lucky winner at $1.13 billion.

WyoLotto's distributions support various initiatives, including the Hathaway Scholarship and Excellence in Higher Education programs. These programs directly benefit Wyoming residents by providing financial aid for college.

WyoLotto: Committed to Wyoming

Since its inception, WyoLotto has focused on generating revenue for Wyoming. They achieve this by offering fun and affordable lottery products while maintaining the highest standards of business ethics and customer service.

"The Wyoming Lottery's mission has always been to generate revenue for Wyoming cities, towns, and counties through the responsible management and sale of readily available, low-cost, fun, and entertaining lottery products,” said Clontz. “We not only keep more entertainment dollars in the state but also bring new revenue to Wyoming that wouldn't otherwise exist.”

Building on success

WyoLotto's success story began in 2013 with the creation of the lottery by the Wyoming Legislature and Governor Matt Mead. Notably, the lottery was established without any state funding. The Board of Directors secured a loan from a Wyoming bank, which they paid off early, allowing them to start distributing funds to the state in 2016.

This allowed the Lottery to make its first million-dollar transfer to the state that same year. Since then, it has continuously expanded the game portfolio, introduced innovative promotions, and, most importantly, surpassed the $20 million mark in total contributions to Wyoming. And the Lottery has no plans of slowing down – from supporting Wyoming seniors to launching a user-friendly app and new games, WyoLotto remains dedicated to growing and giving back to the state.

Looking ahead

WyoLotto is committed to responsible gambling practices. They partnered with the Wyoming Department of Health to establish the Wyoming Responsible Gambling Coalition in 2016. This initiative demonstrates their dedication to player well-being.

WyoLotto's story is one of success, responsibility, and a commitment to Wyoming's communities. With every lottery ticket sold, they contribute to a brighter future for the state.


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