"Wild hair" wins North Carolina man $10 million lottery prize

A six-sense led the North Carolina Lottery player to a large windfall.

"Wild hair" wins North Carolina man $10 million lottery prize
Sean McIntosh of Maiden, North Carolina, winner of the $10 Million Spectacular. Photograph credit to the North Carolina Lottery.

A lucky hunch paid off big time for Sean McIntosh of Maiden, North Carolina. A spontaneous decision to buy a $50 scratch-off ticket led him to a life-changing $10 million prize.

McIntosh laughed when he recalled this intuition to the North Carolina Lottery:

Sometimes I get a wild hair, and I listen to it.

He purchased the winning $10 Million Spectacular ticket from Jones Exxon Inc. on N.C. 16 South in Stanley, marking his first time trying a $50 scratch-off:

I actually just won $100 on a $5 ticket earlier, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

McIntosh described the experience as surreal:

Everything's been a blur since then. You buy a ticket, but you never really think something like this will happen.

Faced with the choice between a $500,000 annual annuity for 20 years or a lump sum of $6 million, McIntosh opted for the latter. After taxes, he took home a cool $4,290,014. His plans for the windfall? Investing and securing his children's future.

‚ÄčThere are still plenty of chances to win big with the $10 Million Spectacular game. Here are the remaining prizes:

Prize Amount Total Prizes Remaining Prizes
$10,000,000 5 4
$1,000,000 20 15
$100,000 20 12
$50,000 50 29
$5,000 139 91
$2,000 279 174
$500 184,568 115,013
$200 384,015 238,900
$150 1,085,194 674,550
$100 1,844,758 1,148,958
$50 1,736,454 1,085,212

How to play the $10 Million Spectacular:

Here's your chance to try the $10 Million Spectacular:

  • Match any of Your Numbers to any of the Winning Numbers, and you win the prize shown for that number.
  • Reveal a Moneybag symbol, and you win that prize instantly.
  • Reveal a 20X or 50X symbol, and multiply your prize by 20 or 50 times, respectively.
  • Reveal a $500 symbol, and win $500 instantly. Reveal a "Money" symbol, and win the prize shown for that bonus spot.

If you strike it lucky with the $10 Million Spectacular, you must claim your prize within 90 calendar days from the game's announced end date. For prizes over $500,000, you can choose to receive the prize as an annuity (paid out over time) or a lump sum (one-time payment). Remember, lottery winnings are taxable.

The North Carolina Lottery

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