Quick Cash, big win! Pennsylvania Lottery player wins over $469,000

Beaver County celebrates a big Cash 5 win.

Quick Cash, big win! Pennsylvania Lottery player wins over $469,000
Coen Market on Duss Avenue, Ambridge, PA, where the jackpot-winning Cash 5 ticket was sold. Photograph credit to Coen Market.

Cash 5 fever has gripped Pennsylvania this May, and Ambridge is the latest town to join the celebration! A lucky customer at Coen Market on Duss Avenue walked away with a life-changing win after their Cash 5 with Quick Cash ticket matched all five winning numbers drawn on May 18th.

The winning numbers (9-27-35-37-38) brought home a cool $469,431.50 after withholding, instantly transforming this Ambridge resident's life. The store that sold the winning ticket, Coen Market, also received a $500 bonus for their role in making a customer a big winner.

Pennsylvania Cash 5 jackpot spree

While Ambridge takes center stage this time, Pennsylvania has seen multiple Cash 5 jackpots fall throughout May.

On May 11th, a Philadelphia resident won $250,000 after their ticket purchased at Front Page News on Oregon Avenue matched the winning numbers.

Earlier in the month, on May 8th, the biggest win of the month landed in Murrysville. A lucky customer at Murrysville SHOP 'n SAVE on William Penn Highway won a whopping $2,628,337 jackpot after their ticket matched all five numbers. The store received a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

How to play Cash 5 with Quick Cash

Feeling inspired by Ambridge's lucky winner? Here's how Cash 5 with Quick Cash can turn your day around. Players choose five numbers between 1 and 43. You can pick your own numbers based on lucky birthdays, anniversaries, or even dream sequences, or opt for a Quick Pick with computer-generated selections. Matching all five drawn numbers wins the jackpot, but there are also prizes for matching two, three, or four winning numbers.

Beyond the jackpot: Everyday wins with Cash 5

The thrill of the jackpot hunt is undeniable, but the beauty of Cash 5 lies in its potential for everyday wins.  The odds of winning any prize in Cash 5 are about 1 in 10.5, making it a relatively affordable way to add a touch of excitement to your week.  Imagine the joy of a small win covering your groceries for the week or a night out with friends.

The Pennsylvania Lottery gives back

While the dream of becoming a millionaire is enticing, the Pennsylvania Lottery offers more than just life-changing jackpots.  Remember, every Cash 5 ticket purchased contributes to a bigger cause.  Since 1972, the Pennsylvania Lottery, the only state lottery to direct all proceeds to programs benefiting older residents, has contributed over $35.1 billion!  These funds support vital programs like property tax and rent rebates, transportation services, care services, prescription assistance, and local senior centers and meal programs.


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