Limited-time luck: May Madness Raffle from Wisconsin Lottery offers $50,000 top prize

Get your raffle tickets while they last!

Limited-time luck: May Madness Raffle from Wisconsin Lottery offers $50,000 top prize

A new month means a new opportunity to win big from the Wisconsin Lottery!

May Madness Raffle ticket sales begin

With May 1 upon us, the Wisconsin Lottery excitedly announced a limited-time, limited-quantity May Madness Raffle. Ticket sales kicked off today, and the widely anticipated lotto game from the Wisconsin Lottery is offering a top prize of $50,000 to one lucky winner.

In addition, the raffle also offers two $10,000 prizes and 815 additional prizes.

How does it work?

How does the May Madness Raffle work? The Lottery is putting up 75,000 tickets available for purchase. Players can buy these raffle tickets at all Wisconsin Lottery retailers for $5 each.

The Lottery said these raffle tickets often sell out pretty quickly, so act fast! The tickets are sold in numerical order starting with 00001. Tickets are available for purchase until May 30, 2024, or until all 75,000 tickets are sold.

The May Madness Raffle drawing

The big drawing to find out the prize winners will take place on May 31, 2024, and the winning numbers will be available that evening on the Wisconsin Lottery website and at Lottery retailers.

The prizes for the May Madness Raffle include the top prize of $50,000, but they are also giving out two $10,000 prizes, 40 prizes of $1,000, and 775 prizes of $100. If you have a winning raffle ticket, you can redeem it after the drawing takes place.

For a complete description of how to claim your winning ticket and to gain access to downloadable claim forms, visit the Lottery USA website by clicking here and going to the 'Claiming prizes' section.

The odds of winning a prize in the May Madness Raffle are here:

  • $50,000 prize - 1 in 75,000
  • $10,000 prize - 1 in 37,500
  • $1,000 prize - 1 in 1,875
  • $100 prize - 1 in 97

Last year's big winner

The Wisconsin Lottery also held the May Madness Raffle in 2023. The top prize-winning ticket for that drawing was sold by a Kwik Trip location in Turtle Creek, which happens to have a population of 1,042 people!

The top prize-winning ticket from that raffle happened to be the largest winning Lottery ticket the retailer had ever sold.

How does the Wisconsin Lottery share its revenue?

The Wisconsin Lottery has managed the Lottery fund since 1988. The Lottery has generated more than $19.1 billion in total revenue during that time.

So, how does the Lottery distribute that revenue? Of that $19.1 billion in revenue, the Lottery has given back 93% of it to winners, retailers, and Wisconsin homeowners. For a more complete breakdown:

  • $10.8 billion has been distributed back to winners in prizes
  • $5.7 billion has been allocated to funding property tax credits for eligible Wisconsin homeowners.

Wisconsin state law requires that at least 50% of total revenue must be dedicated to prize winnings. Since 1988, the Lottery has given 57% of its revenue back in prizes.

Enjoy playing the Wisconsin Lottery, and please remember to play responsibly.


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