Maryland nurse uses regular numbers to score double Pick 5 win

Two wins, one Pick 5 drawing!

Maryland nurse uses regular numbers to score double Pick 5 win

A nurse in Maryland was feeling pretty confident about a particular set of numbers for the Pick 5 game, so she played it twice.

She was right, as the Owings Mills woman got the double win and got to claim $75,000 from the Maryland Lottery.

The winning tickets

The lucky nurse told Maryland Lottery officials she plays lottery games quite often, particularly Pick 5. She consistently uses the same set of numbers for these games.

On May 3, she decided to play those numbers straight on two separate tickets, and she ended up winning the top prize on a 50-cent ticket and a $1 ticket, giving her a total win of $75,000.

She purchased the winning tickets at Save A Lot, located at 234 McMechen Street in Baltimore. She told Lottery officials that the winning numbers were comprised of the date her boyfriend's father passed away. She watched the drawing later that evening and was thrilled to see her numbers, 1-2-1-2-3, show up.

Keeping the news to herself

While she was excited for the double win, she hasn't shared the great news with anyone. She has been a nurse for the past 16 years and plans to use the winnings to help boost her savings account. When she isn't playing the lottery or working, she told Maryland Lottery officials she enjoys spending her time reading.

The nurse isn't the only winner here. The Save A Lot location also gets money from the state for selling the winning tickets. The store will receive a combined $750 bonus for selling the two Pick 5 tickets with a combined prize of $75,000.

Saturday chores lead to another Pick 5 win

The Pick 5 wins continued for Maryland Lottery players. Another big fan of the Pick 3/4/5 games was out running errands when he decided to stop and play a $1 straight ticket on the midday drawing of Pick 5. It paid off with a $50,000 win on the May 4 drawing.

The lucky winner mixed things up when making his purchase, too. Instead of going to his regular spot, he stopped at Greensboro Tiger Mart, located at 13301 Greensboro Road in Caroline County, and bought two Pick 5 games for the midday and evening drawings based on numbers he chose himself.

The lucky winner said:

I normally buy all my games from another location and always from the cashier. But here, I went to the vending machine.

Switching it up worked for the father of two adult children, as he checked his numbers later on the Maryland Lottery mobile app and saw his Pick 5 midday ticket hit big. The winning numbers were 7-3-1-9-9.

He told Lottery officials:

I sat there looking at the numbers and I couldn't breathe. I immediately called my wife.

With his winnings, he said he plans on investing in his business, a trucking company. He also told officials that the money would help him to take a vacation and help his family financially.

Greensboro Tiger Mart is also celebrating the win. For selling the winning ticket, they will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

Enjoy playing the Maryland Lottery, and please remember to play responsibly.


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