From cancer to jackpot: Veteran's story of resilience and $100,000 win

New Jersey Lottery player scores Jersey Cash 5 prize

From cancer to jackpot: Veteran's story of resilience and $100,000 win
Craig Reynolds, holding his $100,000 New Jersey Lottery check. Photograph credit to the New Jersey Lottery.

Craig Reynolds, a dedicated New Jersey Lottery player, recently faced a chance of incredible luck.

While casually scanning a stack of lottery tickets, he stumbled upon an enormous surprise – a $100,000 Jersey Cash 5 jackpot win.

Initially, he scanned the ticket with disbelief, repeatedly checking the results.

Craig said:

I immediately called my wife to tell her that I think we won the jackpot. She couldn't believe it either and thought there might be a problem with the scanner.

(Spoiler alert: the scanners work perfectly!)

To confirm his win, Craig took the ticket to his son's liquor store for another scan. As his son scanned the ticket, Craig jokingly remarked about what would happen if he'd won. When the scanner confirmed the jackpot win, both Craig and his son were stunned. The news quickly spread throughout the store, with Craig's wife excitedly shouting:

We won $100,000?!

Craig's victory is particularly meaningful considering the challenges he faced in 2023. He battled cancer and experienced mobility issues from a stroke, but thankfully, he's now in remission and has regained full mobility. He actively shares his story with fellow veterans, offering support and encouragement.

Now, Craig and his wife face a delightful dilemma: mountains or beaches?

The winning ticket, purchased for the April 7, 2024, drawing, was bought at Quick Mart on Whitehorse Pike in Clementon, Camden County. The winning numbers were 8, 13, 18, 27, and 42.

Feeling lucky? Here's how to play Jersey Cash 5

Follow these simple steps to try your luck with this game:

  1. Pick your numbers: Choose five unique numbers between 1 and 45. You can either:
    • Select yourself: Mark your desired numbers on the play slip.
    • Quick pick: Ask the retailer for a "Quick Pick" to have the computer randomly generate your numbers.
  2. Add XTRA (optional): For an extra $1 per play, add XTRA to potentially multiply your non-jackpot prizes by up to 5 times. You'll also win $2 for matching just two numbers.
  3. Multi-Draw (optional): Play the same numbers for up to 21 consecutive drawings. Mark the desired number of draws on the play slip.
  4. Purchase your ticket: Get your Jersey Cash 5 tickets at any authorized New Jersey Lottery retailer before 10:53 pm for the nightly drawing.
  5. Jersey Cash 5 drawings: Drawings are held daily at approximately 10:57 pm. Check the official New Jersey Lottery website for winning numbers and prize information.

For more details, visit the Jersey Cash 5 game page and XTRA addendum rules. Remember, always handle your lottery tickets with care to ensure a smooth payout process.


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