Double $1,000 wins for the Montana Lottery Lucky Every Day cash giveaway

Are you feeling lucky every day?

Double $1,000 wins for the Montana Lottery Lucky Every Day cash giveaway

The start of the Lucky Every Day cash giveaway from the Montana Lottery was delayed due to technical issues with the Player's Club. However, that delay is good news for lottery players in the state!

Lucky Every Day cash giveaway

The technical issues have been fixed, and the Player's Club is back. To apologize for the inconvenience, the Montana Lottery is doubling the $1,000 wins for this special giveaway!

For this giveaway, which started on April 8, the Lottery will be giving away thousands in cash prizes every weekday until April 19.

Any Lotto ticket purchased from March 18 to April 19 is eligible for entry into 10 special Player's Club drawings. The drawings will consist of ten $1,000 prizes and two grand prize drawings for $5,000!

Before the technical issues happened, there was supposed to be one $1,000 winner every day. However, now there will be two winners of $1,000 every day!

How do you enter the Lucky Every Day cash giveaway?

Between March 18 and April 19, every Lotto ticket purchased will include a special Lucky Every Day Bonus Play web code. Players will need to take that web code and enter it on the Montana Lottery Player's Club website.

That means only Player's Club members can enter the contest. However, everyone can join the Player's Club, and it is free to join! These entry codes for the Lucky Every Day cash giveaway are the same codes used to play Bonus Play games and to enter the Player's Club weekly drawing.

All Lotto tickets will include entries to Lucky Every Day until the promotion ends on April 19, so there's definitely still time to enter for more chances to win.

How do the entries work?

The web codes needed to enter the cash giveaway are available on all Lotto tickets purchased from March 18 up until April 19. Players can enter the codes into the website as soon as they have them, but the drawings will only take place between April 8 and April 19.

Players can enter as many eligible web codes as they wish. The codes will be entered into every current and future Lucky Every Day drawing. Keep in mind all Lucky Every Day entry codes will automatically be entered into the regularly scheduled weekly Player's Club drawings.

Drawing schedule

As stated, any Lotto ticket purchased from March 18 through April 19 will be eligible for the giveaway. However, the drawings started on April 8. The dates of the drawings and the number of winners for each drawing are listed below:

  • March 18 - Entries begin
  • April 8 - Two $1,000 winners
  • April 9 - Two $1,000 winners
  • April 10 - Two $1,000 winners
  • April 11 - Two $1,000 winners
  • April 12 - Two $1,000 winners
  • April 15 - Two $1,000 winners
  • April 16 - Two $1,000 winners
  • April 17 - Two $1,000 winners
  • April 18 - Two $1,000 winners
  • April 19 - Entries close
  • April 19 - Two $1,000 winners and two grand prize winners of $5,000

Enjoy playing the Montana Lottery, and please remember to play responsibly.


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