Beginner's luck lands double win for Powerball player

A lucky mistake makes a Powerball winner.

Beginner's luck lands double win for Powerball player

Forget beginner's luck – this Montgomery County resident took it to a whole new level!

A first-time Powerball player, who goes by the nickname "Feedie," walked away with a whopping $200,000 in prize money, thanks to a twist of fate and a retailer's mistake.

Double the tickets, double the wins

Feedie decided to test her luck at the Powerball for the April 10th drawing, visiting two separate locations. One ticket, purchased at her favorite Giant grocery store, included the Power Play and Double Play options, potentially multiplying any winnings.

At the second location, Goshen Plaza Beer & Wine, a twist of fate unfolded. The cashier accidentally entered the wrong numbers on Feedie's $20 ticket (also including Power Play and Double Play). Instead of getting upset, Feedie took the ticket in stride.

A few days after the drawing, Feedie's daughter encouraged her to check the tickets using the Maryland Lottery app. What started as a routine check quickly turned into disbelief. The first ticket, with the correct numbers, revealed a third-tier prize of $100,000, doubled to $200,000 thanks to the Power Play multiplier.

But the surprises didn't stop there. The "mistake" ticket, the one with the accidentally entered numbers, also turned out to be a third-tier winner! With the Power Play boost, this unexpected ticket brought Feedie another $100,000.

She told the Maryland Lottery:

I scanned my winners about 10 to 12 times because I really couldn't believe I had won that much money on my second time playing. I felt my body shaking, I dropped to my knees and thanked God.

Feedie has chosen to keep her windfall a secret, sharing the news only with her closest family. As for her plans for the money? She's thinking ahead — saving and investing for a secure future.

All about Powerball

Powerball is a multi-state lottery game that offers exciting opportunities to win life-changing jackpots. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday night, players can try their luck for a jackpot starting at a cool $20 million. The thrill doesn't stop there – the jackpot keeps growing until someone snags the big prize. The longer it goes unclaimed, the bigger it gets, attracting more and more players with each roll.

Tickets for Powerball are $2 each, but you can enhance your potential winnings with additional features:

  • Power Play: For an extra $1 per ticket, you can multiply your non-jackpot prizes by a factor of 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 10! Just like Feedie did.
  • Double Play: Add another $1 to your ticket and get a chance to win prizes in a separate drawing held after the main Powerball drawing.

The Maryland Lottery: Funding good causes and big dreams

The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency plays a significant role in the state. Their core mission is to generate revenue that supports important initiatives like education, public health, public safety, and environmental protection.

Since 1973, the Maryland Lottery has contributed $18.6 billion to the state, while lucky Marylanders have raked in over $31.5 billion in prizes. They strive to provide entertaining and trustworthy games for players 18 and over, offering a chance to win life-changing sums and other exciting rewards.


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