Texas Lottery player wins $5 million from a scratch-off ticket

A Texas player won big with a $5 million scratcher jackpot.

Texas Lottery player wins $5 million from a scratch-off ticket
Texas Lottery Lux scratch-off ticket. Photograph credit to the Texas Lottery.

They say everything's bigger in Texas, and that includes the jackpots. One lucky player took home $5 million after winning the top prize in a big money scratcher game.

While we're sure that they're celebrating their massive win, they didn't even earn the biggest scratch-off prize in Texas this year. The Lone Star state is home to some of the biggest and most expensive scratcher tickets in the country, and multiple players have taken home multi-million dollar prizes from Texas Lottery games.

Learn more about the top prizes in the only state that sells $100 instant win tickets.

Life of luxury

An unnamed Dallas resident took a chance and won $5 million when they spent $50 to purchase a Luxe scratch-off game. The odds of taking home the game's top prize are 1:1,500,000.

While the winner's identity hasn't been released, it's possible that a lucky student just paid their entire tuition because the ticket was purchased at the 7-11 on Hillcrest Avenue in University Park, which is directly across the street from Southern Methodist University.

Luxe is a basic number match game. To win a prize, players need to match one of their thirty-five numbers to the game's seven winning numbers. You can also uncover multipliers of 2X, 5X, 10X, and 20X to multiply your prize by that amount.

The game features a bonus area that gives players an extra chance to win. Uncover the three gold dollar signs, and if you find two matching prize numbers, you'll win that amount.

Don't give up if you have your heart set on being a big Luxe winner. There are still three more $5 million prizes waiting to be claimed from a total prize pool of $236.7 million.

Big winners

While $5 million is a bigger jackpot than most states offer on scratch-off tickets, in Texas, it's only the third biggest instant win prize this year. If you really want to go for the gold, you can purchase a $20 Million Supreme ticket for a cool $100.

The game's top prize is a massive $20 million, and the total prize pool is worth $829 million, making it one of the highest-paying scratch games in the country.

Supreme's gameplay is similar to Luxe's. Players must uncover their twenty-seven numbers and match them to the game’s five winning numbers. Uncovering a DIAMOND symbol means that you win $150 instantly.

A bonus area with three playable squares adds a little more fun to the game. Uncover the squares, and if you find two matching prize numbers, you'll win that amount instantly.

So far, three players have won the jackpot, and all have chosen to remain anonymous; however, one man released a statement after claiming his prize.

The player told the Texas Lottery:

Initially, I thought it was [a] $20,000 [prize winning ticket]. I was on the phone with my dad when I realized it was $20 million. That was my fifth of five [$20 Million Supreme] tickets that I purchased. I scanned the barcode first, so I knew it was a winner, but I thought it would be a small prize. When I got to my truck, I realized how much I won.

There's still one grand prize remaining for those willing to spend a Benjamin, so don't give up on that big payout yet.

Supreme fiesta

If you're still hunting for more high-stakes action, then Loteria Supreme should be next on your list. This game also comes with a $100 price tag, and the top prize is a massive $7.5 million.

Loteria offers something a little more complex than a traditional number match game, and it could be a good game for bingo fans.

Players are given 27 symbols, which they need to match to corresponding symbols in the four-by-four grid at the top of the card to win the top prize. Matching four symbols in a straight line, either vertically or horizontally, in the grid means that you win the listed prize.

The game also includes a bonus section. Players can uncover fifteen playable squares to match and win the prize amounts under each one.

Finally, players can add a big bonus to their ticket that will affect all the prizes they won in either of the first two games. By uncovering matching symbols in this area, players can win a 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X, or 500X multiplier that will boost their prize money.

So far, only one of the top prizes has been claimed. The winner chose to remain anonymous and hasn't released a statement. The only publicly available information is that the winning ticket was purchased at a Fast Break 2 in Nederland.

Of course, high-stakes and high-prize games aren't for everyone. But if you feel like taking a big chance for the opportunity to win a massive prize, Texas has the scratcher tickets for you.