Powerball continues on: $50,000 winning ticket sold in New York

New Yorkers, it's time to check those Powerball tickets!

Powerball continues on: $50,000 winning ticket sold in New York
7-Eleven, located at 360 E. Jericho Turnpike in Huntington Station, where the $50,000 winning Powerball ticket was sold. Photograph credit to Google Maps.

While the $1.33 billion Powerball was won by one lucky ticket in Oregon, that doesn't mean the Powerball fun ended!

It was time for another Powerball drawing on April 8, with the jackpot starting again at $20 million. No one won that jackpot, but there was a lucky ticket sold in New York that won $50,000.

$50,000 Powerball winning ticket sold in New York

For the Monday, April 8, Powerball drawing, the New York Lottery announced that one third-prize-winning ticket had been sold in the state.

The winning ticket was purchased at 7-Eleven, located at 360 E. Jericho Turnpike in Huntington Station. The winning ticket was worth $50,000 for matching four of the five white ball numbers and the Powerball number. In total, there were 10 winning tickets that matched four of five white balls and the Powerball to win $50,000 that night.

The winning numbers for the April 8 Powerball drawing were 6, 21, 23, 39, and 54, and the Powerball number was 23.

How to claim a prize

The process to claim a prize in New York depends on how much your prize is. Players have a few options to claim their winnings. You will need the original ticket in order to claim your prize. You should sign the back of the winning ticket and keep it somewhere safe. Winning draw game tickets expire one year from the date of the draw.

Players can claim prizes up to and including $600 at any licensed New York Lottery retail location. You may also schedule an appointment at any of the Lottery's Customer Service Centers or mail it to the lottery.

For prizes $601 or more, players can schedule an appointment and claim their prize at one of the Lottery's Customer Service Centers. An appointment is required in order to claim your prize. You can also redeem your prize at a local Prize Claim Center. An appointment is not required to claim a prize at a Prize Claim Center. Finally, you can also mail the winning ticket and claim form to the lottery.

What do you need to redeem your prize? You will need to provide the winning ticket, a filled-out Winner Claim Form, a valid government-issued ID, and a valid Social Security Number or FEIN. 

Learn more about the New York Lottery

The New York Lottery got its start in 1967 and serves as the state-operated lottery system in New York. It operates under the New York State Gaming Commission and contributes funds for public education. The New York Lottery is headquartered in Schenectady.

With 48 jurisdictions running lotteries in the United States — 45 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands — the New York Lottery happens to be North America's largest and most profitable lottery. For FY2022-2023, the New York Lottery contributed $3.7 billion in Lottery Aid to Education, which helps support education in New York State.

Since its inception in 1967, more than $82 billion has been contributed to New York public education. This has helped benefit more than 700 school districts across the state.

Revenue from the New York Lottery is distributed to local school districts using the same statutory formula used to distribute other state aid to education. This formula takes into account both the size of the school district and its income level. Larger, lower-income school districts receive proportionately larger shares of lottery school funding.

Enjoy playing the New York Lottery, and please remember to play responsibly.


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