The Massachusetts Lottery launches JAWS instant-win ticket

Win a trip for two to Martha's Vinyard!

The Massachusetts Lottery launches JAWS instant-win ticket
Massachusetts Lottery JAWS scratch card. Photograph credit to the Massachusetts Lottery.

The Massachusetts Lottery recently launched the JAWS instant-win tickets based on the famous shark-themed movie of the same name.

As well as cash prizes, the scratch-off game also offers players a Second Chance opportunity to win a trip for two to Martha's Vinyard and an opportunity to win $1 million.

A trip to Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard is a beloved island seven miles off the coast of the Bay State, just south of Cape Cod. The New England summer retreat is home to idyllic harbor towns, lighthouses, and sandy beaches. There's lots to see and do, including taking a sailing tour and visiting Long Point Animal Refuge, not to mention all the great places to eat. You have a chance to experience all this and more by entering your non-winning JAWS scratch-off tickets into the Second Chance drawing. To enter, scan your non-winning tickets into the JAWS Second Chance entry page.

Two winners will be randomly chosen from entries to the Second Chance Drawings. There will be five drawings from which six winners will be chosen. The full prize package includes:

  • 3-night stay for the winner and their guest at Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown
  • Daily breakfast
  • Black car service to and from the port
  • Ferry to and from the island, plus transportation on the island
  • Welcome toast and dinner with entertainment at Harbor View Hotel
  • Taste of the Vineyard Dinner at Harbor View Lawn
  • $1,000 cash to spend
  • JAWS branded welcome gift
  • JAWS Island Tour across the island in a custom-guided bus
  • Private JAWS movie screening at Harbor View Hotel
  • “Shark Infested Waters” theme party on Harbor View Lawn

While visiting Martha's Vineyard, all winners will participate in a JAWS-themed Game Show in which one contestant is guaranteed to win a $1 million prize. All other contestants are guaranteed to win a prize ranging from $500 to $10,000.

In a press release, the State Treasurer and Chair of the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission, Deborah B. Goldberg, said:

When you say “JAWS,” the Vineyard immediately comes to mind. So, who else should have the first JAWS ticket? Massachusetts, of course. People are already excited about the chance to take a bite out of the winnings.

The themed Second Chance Drawing is timely because this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Massachusetts Lottery introducing this first instant-win ticket, and 2025 marks the 50th anniversary of the theatrical release of JAWS.

How to play JAWS

This is a $10 instant-win game with a top prize of $1 million. You can win up to 16 times. To play, remove the six anchor symbols to reveal the winning numbers. Then, remove the 15 life-saver symbols to reveal your numbers. If any of your numbers match any of the winning numbers, you win the prize amount shown with that number. Next, scratch off the bonus spot. If you reveal a shark fin symbol, you win $100 automatically. The prize range for this game is $10, $15, $20, $50, $100, $200, $300, $500, $1,000, $10,000, and $1 million ($50K/YR/20YRS).