Iowa man felt shock and joy after winning $2 million in Powerball

How long would it take you to claim your winnings?

Iowa man felt shock and joy after winning $2 million in Powerball
Mark Krogman's $2 million Powerball check. Photograph credit to the Iowa Lottery.

If you discovered you won $2 million playing Powerball, how long would it take you to get to the lottery headquarters in your state and claim your winnings?

We just never know until it happens to us, but this new Iowa millionaire happened to take almost five months before he claimed his prize money.

The winning ticket

On April 17, Mark Krogman, 72, claimed his prize. The retired man from Clinton won the $2 million prize in November, and he told lottery officials he felt shock and joy once he realized he won big.

Krogman won on the November 25, 2023, drawing. The winning white ball numbers for that drawing were 27, 33, 63, 66, and 68, and the Powerball number was 9. The Power Play number was 2.

Krogman matched the first five numbers and came within one number of winning the $337.9 million jackpot in the Powerball drawing that night. He did match everything but the Powerball number, which gave him a $1 million prize. He added the Power Play option, so he multiplied his prize to $2 million.

His winning ticket was the only one in the country to win a $2 million prize in that night's drawing.

Krogman purchased the winning ticket at Clinton Liquor, located at 1641 S. Bluff Blvd. in Clinton. For selling the winning ticket, Clinton Liquor received a $2,000 bonus from the Iowa Lottery.

Krogman's plans for the winnings

With the prize money in his hands now, Krogman said he has specific plans of what to do with it. He plans on paying off his house and then possibly adding to it. He wants to help his family with some needed finances, and when it comes down to it, he just wants to enjoy life.

Where do the Iowa Lottery proceeds go?

The Iowa Lottery got its start in 1985. Since then, its profits have helped to make Iowa a better place to live, work, and raise a family. While the Lottery provides entertainment and prizes to its players, they are also raising billions of dollars for state programs that help all Iowans.

The Lottery proceeds have been used in a variety of ways throughout the years, all with the purpose of enhancing the state. This includes economic development, education, veterans, agriculture, and law enforcement.

Since it began, the Lottery has seen its players win more than $5.7 billion in prizes. At the same time, the Lottery has raised more than $2.4 billion for these state programs that benefit all Iowans.

The Iowa Lottery divides up these proceeds to benefit a wide variety of programs. This includes helping Iowa veterans and their families with the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund. They also help the families of Iowa peace officers, firefighters, and corrections employees who die in the line of duty. Proceeds from the Lottery are also added to the state's General Fund, which helps with a variety of significant projects throughout the state.

Enjoy playing the Iowa Lottery, and please remember to play responsibly.


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