The Florida Lottery is ending these ten games in April

It's your last chance to play these Florida lottery games!

The Florida Lottery is ending these ten games in April
Florida Lottery 100X The Cash, $10 Monopoly Doubler, and $5,000,000 Cashword scratch-offs. Photograph credit to the Florida Lottery.

The Florida Lottery offers players hundreds of different ways to play for prizes, but in order to make room for fresh games, a few old ones will be retired at the beginning of April.

Whether these games were your all-time favorite or you just glanced over them in your retailer's display case, you only have a few days left to make a purchase and see if you can pick up one of the last remaining jackpots.

Read on to learn which ten games will no longer be available to Florida Lottery players and how their expiration will impact winners.


The ten games that the Florida Lottery is retiring are:

  1. Florida 100X The Cash
  2. Florida 50X The Cash
  3. The Cash Wheel
  4. Whole Lotta $500S
  5. $10 Monopoly Doubler
  6. $2MM Bonus Cash World
  7. $1,000 a Week for Life
  8. 20X The Cash
  9. $5,000,000 Cashword
  10. Money Roll

The last day to purchase any of these games will be April 5. If you're a winner, the last day you can cash in a ticket from one of these games is June 4. After that date, none of those tickets will have any value.

Prizes under $599 can be claimed at any authorized Florida Lottery retailer. Tickets worth between $599 and one million can be redeemed at any Florida Lottery district office. If you score a truly major jackpot of over one million dollars, you must go to the Florida Lottery headquarters offices in Tallahassee.

Outstanding Jackpots

Some players like expiring games because as the ticket supply grows more limited, they believe they have a better chance of finding an unclaimed jackpot. While we can't say with certainty if this is true or not, we can let you know which of these soon-to-be-deceased games still has major prizes to collect.

Florida 100X The Cash still has four uncollected top prizes of $2,000,000 each and twelve prizes worth $100,000 each. Tickets cost $10, and they're easy to play.

Players only have to match their twenty shared numbers to the game's six winning numbers to collect the corresponding prize. You can turbocharge your winnings by finding a multiplier symbol that can boost your prize up to one hundred times.

And for some added fun, players can collect up to $200 from the game's bonus area. 

For half the price, you can win half the prize with Florida 50X, which has a one-million-dollar jackpot that is still waiting to be found. Tickets cost $5 each, and the game's rules are largely the same as 100X, except that players only have fifteen numbers to match to four winning numbers, and the multiplier tops out at 50X.

If you prefer games with even lower stakes, 20X The Cash has two $100,000 jackpots still waiting to be found. The game costs just $2 to play and is another number-match game. Players have ten numbers to match to two winning numbers. You can give your prize a boost by uncovering multipliers that go up to 20X, and if you find a STAR symbol, you will double all twelve prizes on the ticket, which includes the two bonus areas.

While the remaining games still have a few lower-tier prizes left, they are completely tapped out as far as six-figure prizes go.


Of course, if some games are on the way out, that must mean that new ones are on the way in. The Florida Lottery has introduced four new scratcher games in the past month at several different price points and prize levels.

For players who want to go for the gold, Triple 777 might be the game they're looking for. With a top prize of $2,000,000, it offers the biggest jackpot of any of the new games. The game costs $10 to play, and six top prizes are still waiting to be found.

Players need to match their fifteen numbers to the game's six winning numbers to win. While there's no bonus area, there are a few ways for players to increase their prizes.

Uncovering a 7 symbol automatically wins you that prize. Finding a 77 symbol doubles your prize, and a 777 symbol instantly wins you triple the prize.

If you like to play for big prizes but find number-matching games a little too basic, Bonus Letter Crossword could be the right choice for you. It only costs $5 to play and features a million-dollar top prize.

Players start with a set of twenty different letters, and they actually have two different word grids to play. Grid one features twenty matchable words, and finding ten of them will earn you a million-dollar prize. Grid two has just eight words, and matching six of them will win the top prize of $10,000.

The bonus area adds another level of fun to the game. If you uncover matching prize numbers, you win that amount. However, you can also find two bonus letters that are playable in both grid one and grid two.

Finally, if you'd rather play for lower stakes, Lucky Green could be the right game to test your luck. While the top prize is just $50,000, it only costs two bucks to play. Match any of your eight numbers to the game's two winning numbers to collect your cash. Finding a STAR symbol will multiply your winnings by five, and uncovering a MONEY symbol means that you win all ten prizes on the ticket.

Whether you're taking a last shot with expiring games or ready to try something new, Florida Lottery players have many ways to score a big prize.