All in! Texas Lottery Commission bets big on Ryan Mindell

Unveiling the new leader of the Lone Star State lottery.

All in! Texas Lottery Commission bets big on Ryan Mindell
Ryan Mindell, the new Texas Lottery Commission Executive Director. Photograph credit to the Texas Lottery.

Get ready, Texas, because there's a new sheriff in town at the Texas Lottery Commission, and his name is Ryan Mindell.

Effective April 18, 2024, Mindell steps into the role of Executive Director, ready to roll up his sleeves and lead the charge in reshaping the state's lottery landscape while keeping education and veterans' services at the forefront.

With a unanimous vote from the five-member Texas Lottery Commission, Mindell's promotion signals a bold new era for the commission. Robert G. Rivera, Chairman of the Commission, lauded Mindell's appointment, recognizing his innovative spirit and steadfast dedication to the commission's mission.

Rivera said:

With a unanimous decision, we are proud to appoint Ryan Mindell as the Texas Lottery Commission's newest Executive Director. In his time with the agency, Ryan has demonstrated strong leadership while putting together an impressive track record in the lottery industry. He brings a breadth of experience, knowledge, and innovative ideas to this role.

Mindell shared his excitement about his new position with the Texas Lottery Commission:

I'm honored and thrilled for the opportunity to take on the role of Executive Director. Having been part of the agency in many capacities, I know firsthand the strength of our dedicated staff. I am eager to build on the success we've had through continued collaboration with the Commissioners, our vendor partners, and our stakeholders, while maintaining the commitment to the agency's mission and making a positive impact on its beneficiaries.

An evolution in the lottery

Mindell's journey with the Texas Lottery Commission began in 2016, and he has held various roles within the organization since then. From lottery operations to legal counsel, he's seen it all, giving him a perspective crucial for steering the commission through the twists and turns of lottery governance.

Mindell is actively involved with the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) and was recognized for his contributions with the 2023 NASPL Powers Award; notably, he's leading efforts to develop a universal lottery API (Application Programming Interface). This innovative technology will streamline how retailers connect to lottery systems, paving the way for wider retailer participation and bringing lottery products to the forefront for both cashier-assisted and self-checkout transactions.

More than 30 years of gaming

Since 1992, the Texas Lottery has been a staunch supporter of public welfare. With over $38 billion generated in revenue and $85 billion distributed in prizes, the Texas Lottery has been a driving force behind funding public education and veterans' services in Texas.

Through initiatives like the Fund for Veterans' Assistance, the Texas Lottery has stood as a beacon of support for those who have served their country. With contributions exceeding $237 million since 2009, the commission's commitment to veterans' causes remains unwavering.


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