Annual report places New York Lottery at the top of the heap

The New York State Lottery once again takes the top spot on account of both revenue generated and money contributed to education.

Annual report places New York Lottery at the top of the heap

At the end of the year, Lottery USA thought it would be a good idea to see how individual states fared overall.

New York Lottery: Top revenue generator for the second year in a row

As fate would have it, in a continued show of its economic dominance, for the second year in a row, Statista Research's annual rankings for 2022-2023 landed the State of New York (NY) at the pinnacle of the leaderboard chart in terms of both revenue derived from ticket sales and charitable contributions to education in North America.

On account of its unparalleled success, The New York Lottery has been called an intrinsic part of the Empire State's culture. “With a record of unparalleled success, the state's principal gaming platform continues to grow and innovate with the times,” stated Gweneth Dean, Director of the New York Gaming Commission.

Dean's statement is not an exaggeration, for, as the tallies show, New York once again assumed the title of the nation's lottery heavyweight champion. Compared to the U.S. states in second and third place, NY brought in more than $1 billion over Florida, which generated $9.3 billion and almost $2 billion more than California at $8.5 billion.

Ten billion and counting

According to the findings of the Gaming Commission‘s Division of Lottery and Video Lottery Gaming operations annual financial report, the State of New York will conclude fiscal year 2022-23 with $10.35 billion in combined sales and net win, and $3.7 billion in Aid to Education.

Broken down, the NY Lottery's annual combined sales and net win figure of $10.35 billion parcels out to be $8.3 billion in so-called traditional lottery sales and $2.3 billion in video lottery sales.

New York Lottery's diversified portfolio

In terms of the specific allotments, funds derived from the following so-called ‘traditional lottery modalities,’ e.g., multi-state games, daily draws including pick four, scratch-offs, and online games, were all accounted for when tabulating the aforementioned $8.3 billion.

According to News Nation, year after year, the reason New York continues to report chart-topping revenue figures is not just that they sell massive quantities of tickets but also that they sell more multi-state jackpot-winning tickets than any other state. In fact, within the last year alone, the New York Lottery awarded 112 prizes of $1 million or greater.

State full of lottery winners

In fact, during 2023, the state had more than its fair share of big winners. In April, a $483 million prize was awarded in the Mega Millions game on a ticket sold in Queens. And, more recently, but somewhat less grand, over the Christmas holiday weekend, five persons were able to get the present of their dreams when they won Powerball prizes ranging between $50,000 and $100,000.

Though not the most populous state in the country, but rather the fourth, the state of New York counts 15.4 million New York as registered citizens.

As reported by Gallup, half of all persons in the U.S. play the lottery at least once a year. Within the preeminent East Coast state, that figure seems to be a bit higher for, on an annual basis, as put forth by a study based on lottery data from the U.S. Census Bureau 2020 Annual Survey of State Government Finance, New Yorkers are said to spend approximately $539.47 on lottery tickets. 

As research has indicated, the primary factors contributing to New Yorkers‘ increased rate of play include infinite possibilities, financial freedom, and escapism. Let us not neglect to mention the immediate gratification, excitement, and element of risk, all of which are qualities the mass majority of NY'ers are said to possess in spades. Cumulatively, the East Coast state's large volume of ticket sales translates into impressive sales revenues — both of which serve to reflect the high degree of regularity by which players buy tickets. 

Lottery lifestyles by county

When looking at New York's sales figures across the state, it likely comes as no surprise that New York City — with more than $1.3 billion in tickets sold — was the top producer, followed by the following outlying counties: Suffolk - $238 million; Erie - $207 million; Monroe - $181 million; and Nassau with $176 million.

New year, new possibilities to win

Future-looking toward 2024, in light of the fact their annual projections anticipate modest sales revenues of $7.92 billion, the New York Lottery apparently prefers to keep their expectations at a reasonably low level.

However, if past years serve to dictate what is to come, the state's revenue streams are apt to be significantly greater. With 12 new scratch-off games set for release, a big Lottery Dream Home promotion with HGTV, and multiple community partnerships with large-scale state events, e.g., the NY State Fair and Erie County Fair, New York Lottery appears on track to possibly exceed its previous year's earnings.

New York Lottery backstory

Established in 1967 and administered by New York State‘s Gaming Commission, the mission of the New York Lottery is to raise revenue for education through the tool of lottery games.

At its fundamental core, the lottery is run as an entertainment business yet operates through a traverse system of business partners and more than 14,000 licensed sales agents statewide.

Traditional games offered by the Lottery include six New York draw games (New York Lotto, NUMBERS, WIN4, TAKE5, Quick Draw, and Pick 10), three multi-state games (Powerball, Mega Millions and Cash4Life), and approximately 60-80 scratch-off games available for sale at any given point in time.

To further round out their offerings, the NY Lottery has expanded into the digital realm, where they have a range of online games, as well as second chance opportunities on non-winning scratch-off tickets.

With such a plethora of lottery game options and employment of the slogan, “Hey, you never know,” the key to the popularity of the State of New York's Lottery may just be the mass appeal of their messaging, for it attracts anyone and everyone with even the slightest inclination to buy a ticket.

Though it is a diverse state comprised of a global demographic make-up across some 62 Counties, the commonality among NY's lottery players remains universal: To be the top dog.

Hence, with all the favorable statistics, it goes to reason that if one's going to be a big jackpot winner, then New York may just be the place where it is going to happen.


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