Nancy Simon


Born in the U.S.A., Nancy A. Simon is a Chicago, Ill.-based writer/editor whose work has appeared in such outlets as the Chicago Tribune,, and The online pop-political publication “The Rally,” in addition to a diverse variety of trade and online outlets.

The commonality evident throughout her portfolio of work is that she aims to craft stories and present subjects within a context that is both comprehensible and relatable to readers. Per Simon’s belief that, “Real-life people are infinitely more interesting than fictional characters,” in her dogged pursuit to bring stories to life, she prioritizes authenticity and accuracy.

A self-dubbed ‘urban observer,’ in the little free time she has, Simon enjoys discovering new neighborhoods in her local city, being active, and just hanging out with her little Maltipoo-Poo, Matteo. As a regular contributor to Lottery USA—in her efforts to deliver timely, newsworthy pieces—she hopes to enhance players’ understanding of and appreciation for all things ‘lottery.’

Nancy Simon

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