Nebraska Jackpots


Our Nebraska Lottery jackpot tracker, monitors, tracks and reports on the behavior of all draw game jackpots in Nebraska over the past 12 months. We plot each draw on a graph and show how big the jackpot was for that particular draw. The jackpot games we cover are Pick 5, Nebraska's Powerball, Nebraska's Mega Millions and Nebraska's Lotto America games.

Simply tap or click on the graph line and the draw date and jackpot for that draw will be displayed. We also show the current jackpot, allow you to filter the data between 12, 6 and 3 months, and some interesting stats for each game.

Pick 5 jackpot history

370,025 296,020 222,015 148,010 74,005
Avg. jackpot$138,975
Biggest jackpot$370,000
No. of draws365
Current est. jackpot$140,000

Nebraska Powerball jackpot history

1.77 B 1.41 B 1.06 B 706 M 353 M
Avg. jackpot$333.5 Million
Biggest jackpot$1.77 Billion
No. of draws156
Jackpot wins6
Current est. jackpot$114 Million

Nebraska Mega Millions jackpot history

1.6 B 1.28 B 961.2 M 640.8 M 320.4 M
Avg. jackpot$301.5 Million
Biggest jackpot$1.6 Billion
No. of draws105
Jackpot wins7
Current est. jackpot$306 Million

Nebraska Lotto America jackpot history

9.68 M 7.74 M 5.81 M 3.87 M 1.94 M
Avg. jackpot$3.49 Million
Biggest jackpot$9.68 Million
No. of draws156
Current est. jackpot$5.66 Million