Themes for your millionaire celebration party

Celebrate your lottery jackpot win with one of these theme parties.

Themes for your millionaire celebration party

You just won a huge lottery jackpot, and it's time to celebrate. This is the party that you are going to want to remember for the rest of your life, so why not create a spectacular theme party for your friends and family? Stuck for an idea? Here are some ideas for your millionaire celebration party that you and your friends will never stop talking about.

Carnival theme party

You don't have to travel to Rio to have a carnival theme party. You can create it in your own backyard, or if you want a bigger space, why not rent a ballroom?

Setting: Wherever you choose to throw your carnival party, you need to make it bright and colorful. Give your party a flavor of Rio by using flamboyant buntings, tropical flowers, and lush greenery. If you have room, you could even create a mock float as a space for dancing. Essential props include palm trees and parrots, colored lighting, and a colorful Brazilian backdrop.

Dress: Bright colors are a must; other than that, your guests can be free to wear whatever they like. If you're looking for a stand-out outfit, think colorful ruffles for men and sequins and feathers for women.

Food and drink: Brazilian street food is delicious and easy to serve at a party. Tasty menu items include pão de queijo – a traditional cheese bread, kibe – meat patties, aipim frito – fried yucca, and coxinha – chicken crockets. You can serve your drinks of choice with these delicious bites, or if you want to stick to tradition, go with the Caipirinha Carnival Cocktail. This is Brazil's national drink and is made with Chardonnay, cane sugar, lime, and ice.

Entertainment: Brazilian dancers will set the mood. If you're looking for something unusual, you could hire some carnival stilt walkers.

007 James Bond theme party

Who doesn't love James Bond movies? They are packed with excitement and beautiful people, which makes this a perfect party theme.

Setting: You can turn just about any venue into a fancy British spy adventure location, from a ballroom to a nightclub. As long as the décor is elegant and ritzy, it will fit perfectly with your 007 theme. Don't forget to add photo booths for glamor shots.

Dress: Whichever is your favorite spy, from Roger Moore to Daniel Craig, Bond is always impeccably dressed. Smart casual or black tie will fit equally well. For the ladies, sophisticated evening wear will blend perfectly.

Food and drink: It wouldn't be a Bond theme party without the signature martini – shaken, not stirred, of course. As for the food menu, your options could include sushi, brie and raspberry pasties, herb-stuffed tomatoes, minis quiches, and coconut shrimp.

Entertainment: Why not hire a live band, then? You can have them play James Bond cover tunes all night long. If you're in the mood for something else, a jazz quartet might fit the bill.

A Gatsby yacht party 

Rent a yacht for the night and travel back in time to the 1920s. It doesn't get much more glamorous than that, and your party's sure to swing.

Setting: You'll need long tables and black and white décor to capture the classic style of the roaring twenties. Mirrored walls and small vases of red and white roses are also traditional for this era. Hanging old black and white photographs on the walls will also give your space a '20s feel. Don't forget, a dance floor is a must.

Dress: During the 1920s, both men and women had made dressing up an art. Ladies wore sequined dresses trimmed with fringes, long gloves, boas, and feathered headbands. Gentlemen of the era prided themselves in their fitted three-piece suits, spats, suspenders, and black tie or bow tie.

Food and drink: Provide guests with something to nibble on between dances. Foods with rich flavors, like salmon canapes, devilled eggs, and goat's cheese balls, are perfect. Prohibition-era drinks are essential, so stock your bar with the fixings for Old Fashioneds, Negronis, and Old Sports.

Entertainment: It's all about making the most of your dance floor. If you have room, a '20s-style band would be perfect. Your playlist should include jazz, ragtime, and swing. If you can hire some flapper girls to get the dancing started, even better.

Oscar theme party

You and your guests will love having your photos taken on the red carpet and sipping champagne like movie stars.

Setting: Any event venue can easily be set up as a Hollywood Oscar party. You could host it in a hotel, a movie theatre, or even in your own home. All you have to do is make the venue look glitzy and have some Oscar statue props on hand. And, of course, don't forget the red carpet.

Dress: Tell your guests to come as their favorite movie star. You could even make a game of it and try to guess who's who. You could even hire one or two celebrity lookalikes; your guests won't even know them from the real stars.

Food and drink: Oscar recipes for your red-carpet event include cocktail meatballs, spinach artichoke dip, baked brie, cheddar and herb straws, and chocolate rum truffles. Obviously, you'll be breaking out the bubbly, but you can also serve sparkling white Sangria, Kir Royals, and Hollywood martinis.

Entertainment: As well as hosting a traditional Oscar award ceremony for your friends, you might also want to include Hollywood trivia, celebrity charades, and a Hollywood prop scavenger hunt.

Arabian Nights theme party

Throw a party with a taste of Eastern promise with an Arabian Nights theme and transport your guests to a land of magic and mysticism.

Setting: A colorful marquee adorned with silky drapes in rich purples and gold. Large floor cushions for comfortable seating, as well as tables and chairs for dining. Colored candle lanterns will help to set the mood.

Dress: Invite your guests to wear outfits inspired by the region, such as long, flowing robes in colorful prints and long scarves. Men can also wear robes or smart suits.

Food and drink: Middle Eastern food lends itself to parties because it's delicious, easy to prepare and there are many great finger foods. Some tasty Arabian dishes include roasted eggplant with tahini dip, broiled lamb tips, humous and falafel, and kofta kebabs. Refresh your guest with rose and cardamom cocktail and lemon Jello shots.

Entertainment: You have many options to choose from. Some popular Arabian Nights entertainments include henna hand painting, a genie fortune teller, and belly dancers. If you want live music, look for a band that can play Arabic or Egyptian music.

Wild West theme party

Howdy there, pardner. If you want a cracking theme party with cowboys, cowgirls, bandits, and outlaws, this is the one to go for. Saddle up and get ready for a great time.

Setting: Decorate your party space so that it looks like a saloon. This is easier than it may sound. All you need is a bar, tables and chairs, a saloon sign, and wanted posters on the walls. Wagon wheels and fake bullet holes also add an extra Wild West touch.

Dress: When it comes to Wild West costumes, you and your guests have a lot of options. From jeans, shirts, and Stetsons to gingham dresses and ribbons. From tasseled jackets and ten-gallon hats to cowboy boots and fringed dresses.

Food and drink: Serve your Wild West food straight up from the chuck wagon with steak and bacon bites, button biscuits with ham and bourbon jam, Tex-Mex queso cups, and mini tacos. From the bar, serve cowboy punch, salty dogs, and whiskey rye.

Entertainment: Book a good old Country and Western band to play your guests' favorite tunes and get them line dancing. You could also entertain them with Western-themed party games like cornhole and horseshoes.

Heroes and villains theme party

Unleash the forces of good and evil with a heroes and villains theme.

Setting: If you're having your party at home, you could decorate half the house to match the heroes' theme and half to match the villains. If you've hired a room, you could do the same with each half of the room. Masks and movie posters make great decorations along with bright superhero colors vs dark and dastardly villainous colors.

Dress: Tell your guests to choose their favorite hero or villain and come in costume. You don't have to go for the obvious, like Superman, Batman, a witch, or a vampire. Go for something a little out of the ordinary, like Chucky, Jack the Ripper, or Poison Ivy.

Food and drink: A cheese, fruit, and charcuterie table is a great idea for a heroes and villains party. You can get creative with the colors and arrange the foods into superheroes' shields or masks. Signature cocktails like Captain America, Iron Man, and the Hulk are sure to be a hit.

Entertainment: Put up screens and play classic superhero movies in the background. Hire a band to play all your favorite superhero theme songs. Have a hypnotist show or a comedian. Fun party games to play include flashlight tag and heroes and villains trivia.

Whichever theme you choose, have a great time celebrating your lottery win!


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