Virgo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions May 27th to June 2nd 2018

  • 21
  • 69

Now that you’re fully present with the rest of the zodiac pack, you get to experience these exceptionally emotionally charged weeks of the month of May. This year, in particular, brings extra emotionally heightened flow with each day having at least one 5 (number of heart and emotions) and at least one (or more) 2’s (number of intuition, sensitivity). You can’t avoid diving into the emotional mosh pit and slosh around in it.

We know you don’t like to get yourself “dirty”, but sometimes we have to engulf ourselves in the situation in order to fully experience and learn the lessons at hand. With emotions, there really isn’t any way to experience it, except to immerse yourself in it. You can’t sit on the sideline when it comes to learning lessons in the realm of the emotions. It’s a hands-on, full-body contact sport.

The good news is that you’re more adaptable than some signs when it comes to shifting from head to heart or heart to physical action. You can shift gears and adaptto your surroundings, no matter what’s put on your plate. You’ll at least try a “bite or two” before negating it or deeming it not right for you.

That’s going to take you far this week, Virgo, as it’s literally emotional bombardment and some signs consider it overwhelming to the point of needing to step back some because it’s just way too intense for them. This week is actually less emotionally charged than the last and the focus is more on contemplative manifestation, intuitively-led high changeand two full days of a strong focus on communication.

There are things that need to be said and you need to clear the air on a more grandeur level. Wednesday is especially a huge communication day because you’re immediately given a follow-up day of complete stand-still contemplative “day of rest” to integrate and assimilate everything (the pure 20/2).

The good thing about you, Virgo, is that you’re more easy-going and willing to try anything at least once – contrary to what others have been told about your sign and traits that accompany it. (Best Days 29).

The 21 is a number that is prone to having the passive, supportive, gentle 2, pushed around by the ego-driven, success-oriented, stand-alone, pioneering 1. When the 1 is in the inner or weaker position, it’s usually bossy, overbearing, manipulative and sometimes a downright slave-driver. Although the 21 adds to a 3 (2+1=3), the fact that the 1 could take over or dominate the scene, shadowing the 2 energy, the 3 which is typically the inspirational and imaginative number with boundless optimism, could easily turn to its negative side of self-doubt, self-criticism, indecisiveness, and pessimism.

That’s not what you want to happen, Virgo, so be very mindful to keep that leading 2, strong and not become a pushover for the sometimes “bully” 1. The 69 could also pose some risks and setbacks for you this week, Virgo. As 6 is called the “number of extremes, it also has a heavy pull toward the negative vortex side of itself.

The 6 should ensure its always surrounded by positive people, places and things to nip the negativity in the bud before it takes hold of you. To add to this scenario is the highest change number 9 but in the inner/weaker position. A negative 9, with its traits of black and white thinking, critical behavior, judgmental outlook and more of a dreamer, less of a high change “doing” energycould easily be a catalyst and a bad influence on the negative-prone 6.

More or less, the 9 in the inner positioncan talk the talk, but it can’t walk the walk. If both numbers fall prey to their negative sides, it could really wreak havoc on your week as a whole, with an overtone of skepticism, fear-based thinkingand pessimism.

The 69, more so than the 21, should remain under your watchful eye to keep it out of the gutter and into the positive of creativity (6 is the number of creativity) and high change on every level (the 9 is the highest change number).

You’ll accomplish so much more in the next seven days if you do.