Virgo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions April 22nd to April 28th 2018

  • 4
  • 56

Virgo, you have a tendency to “check out” and aimlessly go through life on autopilot, ending up somewhere you have no idea how you got to that somewhere. It’s a protection mechanism, checking out can shut out the chaos, frustration, and drama of the situation at hand.

Actually, if you want to get technical, you go more toward the physical plane than the mental or emotional when you do that (check out). This is precisely why you’re one of the signs having an easier time spendingmore of it in the physical plane while touching some on the other two planes (but coming back to “home base”, aka the physical plane).

You’re not as much a stranger to this plane as we originally thought. Your challenge has been and is still getting beyond that natural tendency to check out and practice being much more present much more often. This has been a tough go for you, but since it’s an internal struggle, we haven’t seen evidence of it much. It appears, from the outside, you’re sliding through the weeks, fairly well but that isn’t the case.

Continuing to remain present for you has been quite a challenge, to say the least. It’s forcing you to see and experience all. It’s harsh for you, Virgo, we get it now. Don’t feel you have to go it alone though. Reach out for help to those who have mastered that skill and they can help you with that challenge while you can offer them help with something you’ve mastered.

An energy exchange is always necessary. Not that we do things to get something in return but there should always be an energy exchange of some kind to show you value and appreciate what has been given to you. (Best Days 25, 27).

The 4 is a great helper for you this week. The week is a classic example of all the typical lessons loaded into one week, that you’ve been focusing on learning for over a year now. It’s the culmination of all of it. Think of it as a practice test run for the “final exam.”

The 4, as the most grounded, solid, stable, foundational, steady, loyal, trustworthy number, it will help immensely with keeping you in the present moment (that’s often what physical experiences do). This is your main lesson to learn right now so the 4 is a blessing this week.

The 56, on the other hand, could be a bit wilder (or a lot wilder, actually). The erratic, free-flowing, emotional-based, heart-centered number that seeks freedom to express itself is backed up by the creative visionary 6. However, as the “number of extremes” as well, if the 5 gets stuck in some ugly or chaotic emotions that are more on the negative side, the 6 can turn into a pessimistic, critical, judgmental, gossipy, negative vortex that could suck you easily in.

It’s crucial to keep that 5 a happy 5, flowing free and expressing itself (which means you, Virgo, have to express yourself emotionally in positive ways). If you can do that, you’ll be A-OK, honey. The 5 and 6 can be two volatile numbers but fun numbers too, it’s all about how we use them, that’s all.

Remember, we create our own reality, Virgo, through the perspectives, energies, thoughts, emotions, we hold, moment by moment.