Taurus Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions May 20th to May 26th 2018

  • 18
  • 45

Stubborn attitudes have their time and place but Taurus, you often keep that overtone intact far too frequently. Often, we’re not fully aware of the lasting impression we may have on those we cross paths with. Our choice in terms of how to react to a particular person, place, thing, situation, etc., can be detrimental to the desired outcome you’re looking to achieve. When things go wonky, you blame it on some outside influence, when really, it’s all you, baby-doll.

Sometimes it takes a week like this upcoming one to really put things into perspective for us. You’re not stupid, by any means, Taurus, but you are hard-headed, making the learning of certain life lessons a huge challenge area of yours.

What can we say? You believe what you believe but this week is asking you to have an open mind to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, there’s an alternative solution, answersthat arebetter than your own. (Best Days 20, 24).

The 18 is the poster child of selfless service. It’s the same frequency as the word LOVE (love adds to 18/9). While we’re on a role here, the 45 is also synonymous with selfless humanitarian service (4+5=9, the humanitarian). Your lucky numbers are practically yelling at you to stop being so ridged. If you do, you’ll be able to see the world through a different lens, a new perspective. One that includes or allows room for the opinions, challenges, “mistakes”, and of course, perspectives of others.

This is a new and hard lesson for you, Taurus. With your black and white/right and wrong mindset (most of the time), old habits and patterns are gonna die really hard. We’re not trying to paint the picture of you being a heartless, self-centered, jerk. You’re certainly not that. You’ve got a big heart and consider many your “family” but you often set stipulations or rules on them, that you expect them to live up to. This is often a subconscious or automatic thing you do, but never-the-less, it still happens – often.

This week, the 18/9 and the 45/9 will show you two of the most important lessons in how to be a selfless service humanitarian who honors and respects the differences of others.

It’s all about awareness, Taurus, that’s all.