Taurus Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions April 22nd to April 28th 2018

  • 3
  • 32

You’re starting to loosen up, finally, Taurus. It’s amazing to witness. Your level of comfort with the emotional realm is a sight to behold, something none of us thought we’d ever see in this lifetime. You managed to take a giant leap in the evolution of your emotional growth but not just the emotions, the understanding of your emotional self and how to best utilize it amongst your seemingly opposing traits. It’s miraculous, actually.

This would be quite beneficial for you to share (how you accomplished this feat) with a few other signs who struggle with too much groundedness and less emotional expression or even processing. You used to avoid it altogether, Taurus. Now, you broadened your range of expression completely. It’s like interacting with a totally different personality.

Prior to these many weeks of digging your heels in to rebel against going deeper, it finally happened and you’re a full-fledged, full-ranged, expressive being. What a wonder! This week is fairly easy for you, Taurus, considering your new level of existence. Who would have thought that one of the least emotionally expressive signs would be the one to find it the easiest of all to navigate a mixed week of action, mental and emotional contemplation. You, Taurus, deserve to be recognized for all your hard work.

As they say, you get what you send out, so karma is going to be your friend very soon. Not that you did all this for a “reward”, but it is nice when good karma comes back around. We all can’t help but admit that. You were always wiser than you cared to let on, an observer, you learned a lot about how people and the universe operates.

That could definitely be one of the ways you were able to grasp things easier than we all thought. You had it up your sleeve all along, Taurus. (Best Days 23, 25).

The 3 is the sunny, bright, happy-go-lucky, social butterfly number, forever the optimist and innocence that anything is possible (because it truly is, we are the creators of our own destiny). The 3 this week, will keep your chin up and your bright light shining instead of the “Grumpy Guss” we typically see with you, Taurus.

You’ve changed from the inside out. You’ve become happier, calmer, less easily angered, and that’s a very good thing for all areas of your life.

The 32 is again the positive 3 in the lead but that darn 2 in the inner/weaker position could cause you to experience a bit of a sense of dualistic and codependent/indecisive energy this week. The one saving grace could be that the positive 3’s out-number the one negative-oriented 2.

Keep your attention on those and you’ll sail right along like you’re on a conveyor belt. Smooth and steady, breezing through the week’s lessons like a pro that you are now.