Taurus Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction June 17th to June 23rd 2018

  • 39

Grumpy Guss, you’re in a tither to start the week and that’s not a good place to be for this week in general. The main reason that you need to take a chill pill is because you’re moving into a different kind of sensitive-toned week, one where you finally get to marry some physical action with intuitive direction.

This is much bigger than you even realize and you can’t be taking it lightly or acting like a big baby. This is serious stuff, darling. Besides, you’ve finally got a week where you’re not at a standstill, Taurus. Wake up and smell the roses, kid. You’ve finally got a taste of what you’ve been wanting for a long while now.

The full-on mushy gushy stuff is fading into the background slowly and being replaced more and more by action (or rather, it’s being mixed with the intuitive sensitivity). Imagine, instead of being known as the hard-nosed “bully” who is only a black and white thinker (no grey areas with you), you’ll be the “bull with the heart.” You’ve always had a heart, but we haven’t seen that side of you before – until now. It’s going to be spectacular, Taurus.

A “you” that is complete, whole, a “real person” in the eyes of all who cross your path. Your “bad reputation” will fade into the background and “poof”, gone forever.

Won’t that be great? I’d say so. (Best Days 01).

The 39 is actually the most negative form of the 3 (39, 9+3=12, 1+2=3). This is due to the fact that the 3 and 9 can easily slip into a negative mode and the two together in the negative doesn’t paint a very good picture, nor does it create a very good life scenario (drama attracting).

The 3 in the negative is very self-doubting and self-critical and has a hard time making decisions on its own (needs someone else to agree with them and then they’ll go ahead with something). The 9 in the negative is a ruthless beast. It is typically the highest change number (change on every level of life) but in the negative, it’s judgemental, critical, skeptical, justice-seeking, black and white/right and wrong thinking.

There’s just no changing the 9’s mind or spirit once it’s locked into a mode of thinking or belief. Taurus, this is definitely not what you want right now. If kept in the positive, the 39 has great potential to tie everything together. The inspirational, limitless, optimistic 3 with the highest change number 9 (change on every level of life), then add to the whole and complete number 12, followed by finally reducing to the number of inspiration, imagination, memory, and unity (3).

Sounds MUCH better than the first scenario, don’t you think, Taurus?