Taurus Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions May 27th to June 2nd 2018

  • 8
  • 37

Like Capricorn, you’re not the best person to be jumping blind into a seriously emotionally charged week, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Your sense of loyalty, hard-working, diligent work ethic and practicality, make it challenging for you to move out of that zone and into the vulnerable, unpredictable, chaotic, no rhyme or reason, emotionally dominate week.

To add fuel to the fire, you’re going to have two major days of “communication” which strongly suggests you’ll be sharing a part of yourselffrom a very intimate space. Sounds right up your alley, right, Taurus (NOT!). You’d rather shovel manure, but your honesty and being known for doing what is asked of you, makes this week unavoidable for you, Taurus.

Accept what is. That’s what you do when you have to go through something and it’s unavoidable.

It works to keep you focused on the task at hand, without letting the drama, emotional nightmare and zig-zaggy movements of the week (highs, lows, ups, downs). (Best Days 29, 01).

The 8 is just what you needed this week because it’s doubtless, sturdy, strong, assertive, independentand wise. It’s the knowledge-bearer, so the 8 is always focused on spreading the information around.

The 37 is like a wrench jamming up the machine. It does lead with the social butterfly with the added bonus traits of inspiration and imagination, but it is followed up by the distrusting 7 (in weaker position). It could change the dynamic of your lucky numbers, entirely. Aside from poking holes in the doubtless 8, it could also turn the optimistic 3 into a self-doubting, self-critical mess.

Essentially, your lucky numbers could end up being additional lessons, atop your lesson plate, this week. Instead of being helpful tools to assist you on the journey this week, they could become more of your problem than your gifts.

Now that you’re aware of this, it will be much easier for you to avoid the scenario. Sometimes all it takes is awareness to ensure diligent attentiveness.