Scorpio Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions June 17th to June 23rd 2018

  • 9
  • 32

Even though you’re emotionally driven (that’s your hidden superpower), you’re strong, independent and freedom-seeking, too. This week is a blessing for you, Scorpio, because it starts out as a magical week of the “Peter Pan Syndrome” (aka sparkly dust that makes it a special day of possibilities). It immediately puts you in a much better mood than you’ve been in, lately. We know, Scorpio, we’re all a bit ragged from all the vulnerability but remember, perception is everything and how we choose to respond to situations is all up to us. The power of choice is our greatest spiritual power.

This week, even though it also leads (almost every day) with a subdued, gentle, passive, supportive, sensitive, intuitive 2, there’s some action finally thrown in for good measure. Before you get overly excited, there’s still some deep work to be done but it involves thoughtful and heart-focused manifestation (26/8 – Monday), epiphanies and things finally making sense and gaining that all-important sense of self trust that will set you free (27/9 – Tuesday), communication in a humanitarian and compassionate, yet truthful way is the sole focus of Wednesday (10).

Given the tone of the week, it’s something big you’ve got to get across to someone or something because immediately following is a complete day of contemplation, rest, recuperation, self-reflection (zero outer action) with the pure 20/2 (intuitive, docile, supportive, passive, contemplative, sensitive, soul/emotion focused). You’ve obviously got to take a day to process that 10 communication day, so prepare yourself for getting up on your soapbox. The last two days, which are also led by the gentle 2, is poised to generate ideas from the place where true creativity resides – the heart/soul/emotional realm (21/3 – Friday).

The kicker to end the week? The soft but powerfully transformative 22/4 Master Builder. Its main point is to shift our perspective, build a foundation more precisely meant for you by aligning closer to what your heart/soul wants to create a basis for your empire. It’s all about you and what you want this week, Scorpio.

Not in a selfish way, but in a way, that brings crystal-clear clarity and focus to who you are, what you want and how to get it done. It’s a big week. Treat it as such, Scorpio.

Two lucky numbers this week but they’re powerhouses. The highest change 9 (change on every level of life), also known as the humanitarian number, as well. The changes you’re making are for the highest good of all concerned, not just for you.

That’s normally your style anyway, Scorpio but it’s truly pinpointed on taking your intentions and wishes to a global level. The 32 is a bit flip-floppy which can cause an “emotional rollercoaster” such as yourself (sometimes, not all the time, thank goodness!) could take this number combo one of two ways: Inspiration, ideas, imagination, limitless thought processes to achieve whatever we desire as it’s followed by the 2, the number that resonates closest to the human soul.

The alternative? The negative 3 is self-doubting, self-critical, likes to sit on the fence and would rather not make a choice, for fear of failure (or choosing the wrong choice) and the 2 in the negative can be clingy, dualistic, co-dependent, insecure, that only amplifies the negative qualities of the 3. It’s a lose-lose situation. Not something you need or want at all, Scorpio.

Keep this forefront in your mind this week when drawing upon this potentially powerful number sequence. Your power of choice is ultra-powerful, Scorpio.

You’re a leader of the zodiac. (Best Days 20. 21, 23).