Sagittarius Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions June 17th to June 23rd 2018

  • 2
  • 8
  • 16

Sagi, we have such respect for you, now. You always ran or fled the scene when the going got tough, never really dealing with your issues, instead sweeping them under the rug for another day. Avoidance doesn’t solve anything and unfortunately, you had to learn the hard way (hindsight is 20/20). Despite harsh lessons thrown your way these past many months, you’ve been a trooper and followed the advice laid out for you each week.

To your surprise, it worked. It didn’t just work, it REALLY worked. You’ve developed so many coping mechanisms and strategies to solve major problems in life that arise and instead of instinctually going A-Wol, you stand your ground now and face fear (or whatever state of being you once ran from) in the eye, determined to solve the issue and move past it, to once again return to your real work here at “Earth School.”

Your whole focus has shifted and avoidance of pain, suffering, hardship, loss and sacrifice is now something you know is a part of life in general and can’t be avoided forever. Most of all, you’ve learned that the worst thing you can do is allow it to accumulate to the point of overflowing with emotional chaos. Imagine, you, Sagittarius, a calm, cool and collected, worry-free essence where nothing much ruffles your feathers anymore.

Now that’s progress, holy smokes! We could all learn a thing or two from you, Sagi. (Best Days 18).

The 2 is perfect right now as it represents the “how” in terms of how you’ve managed to accomplish all of this. The intuitive 2, which leads with the heart/emotions is the best navigation system we could ever have and were born with it! Learning that simple piece of the puzzle alone has helped you endlessly as you no longer fear change or unpredictable scenarios that may arise.

Your fight or flight response is far and few between now. Your bravery has multiplied ten-fold. No need to run and prolong the inevitable. Your thought process now is to deal with it head on and move past it instead of dwelling in it or avoiding it altogether (which doesn’t get rid of the problem at all, it just delays the need to handle it in a responsible adult fashion. The 8 is strong, bold, assertive, independent, knowing or the knowledge bearer, doubtless and a natural leader. It’s ideally a symbol of who you’ve transformed yourself into.

Talk about Extreme Makeover: Soul Edition. This past year plus, has been an absolutely amazing journey that will be forever engraved in your psyche and will go down in history for you as the best year to date. Many more to come, though, Sagittarius. Trust and believe me when I say that.