Sagittarius Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions May 27th to June 2nd 2018

  • 3
  • 6

Sagittarius, you’ve always been a feisty one and a month of emotional (and frequently) chaotic andunpredictable upheavalhas had you inadvertently reverting back to your old ways or tendencies, randomly.

That need to “flee” the scene whenthe going gets tough is strong for you these past two weeks but you’re holding the forte as strong as you can. We know you’re only human tooSagittariusand old habits/patterns die hard.

It’s really just a reminder that you’re still a work in progress and is highlighting your weaker links, which is very helpful for you. This way you can zero in on exactly what you need to be working on and bettering yourself.

Emotions have a quirky, yet vulnerable way of laying it all bare for us to see, feel and experience, so we truly “get” it. (Best Days 28).

The 3 and 6, although they have their darker sides that may be more prominent and extreme than some of the other signs, are a perfect pair for you this week. The social butterfly 3, with its imaginative, inspirational and boundless optimism and the creative visionary 6 (allowing you to see the bigger picture in its entirety) are like hand-picked tools from the universe for you this week, Sagi.

Just be cautious not to let this duo slide into their negative side because it will send you backtracking in a hurry.

The sunny, bright, imaginative 3 is then the self-doubting, self-critical, indecisive one and the 6 (as the number of extremes) is pessimistic, critical, judgmental, gossipy and prone to creating a “negative vortex” that can literally suck you in.