Sagittarius Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction April 22nd to April 28th 2018

  • 27

Sagittarius, you’re so calm these days. It’s like you’ve been reinvented somewhat or is this all an act? Something tells me you’re holding back some of the old Sagi tactics and that’s perfectly ok. We don’t want to lobotomize the fun and unpredictable, Sagittarius.

Nothing would suck more than a zodiac sign without a dash of Sag. You are quite subdued thisweek though and it’s namely because it’s a subdued week (yet still emotional-based) but you’ve been through it so many times, this overtone of the week is so “easy-going”, it makes it an even more laidback week that you’ve been used to. Be on alert for potholes on the road though.

Don’t get too confident because that can lead to carelessness, turning an easy-going, light-energy week, into a dark, chaotic storm – and you don’t want that! You have to remember that the Sagittarius path is never a non-rocky one. If you do happen to have an easy, flowing week, be on the lookout for something to come smack you upside the head, out of the blue.

Sagittarius has recently taken on some of the traits of Scorpio, as there is a strong connection between the two signs at the moment because of the paradigm shift happening globally. (Best Days 25, 28).

The 27 is a true-blue follower before it blossoms into the gentle, wise leader it was meant to be. The 27/9 Life Path is the same as that of Gandhi and Mother Teresa (well-known humanitarians who achieved global levels later in life).

The 2 leads but it’s like dragging a dead horse. The 7 in the inner or weaker position has problems with trust (both of the self and others). Until an adequate level of inner self-trust is achieved, the 27/9 is always looking outside itself for the answer in the next person, place or thing.

Once trust (from the inside out) is established, the 27/9, with its sudden trusting, brings an inner sense of peace and harmony but wanting to share these energies in a selfless way (humanitarian).

Just when you thought it was another same old week – it wasn’t.