Pisces Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions June 17th to June 23rd 2018

  • 10
  • 80

A fish out of water you once were, now you sail through the clear and the murky waters with grace and ease, like you could do it with your eyes closed. Emotions have always been your dominant force, it was simply that you didn’t have both an understanding of your emotional self, nor any solutions available to you in order to get a handle on its erratic existence.

Therefore, you often appeared backward, upside down, inside out, sideways – any which way but the right way, it seemed. Looking back and comparing your life to the present, it’s like looking at an alternate reality or universe. It’s surreal in many ways, now that you’ve mastered the language of emotion. That’s a tough language to learn and we each have our own so there aren’t any resources, books or the like that can assist us. It’s simply a matter of trial and error – and that you did, my friend. Bravery should always at least be acknowledged, if not praised outright.

For a very emotionally dominate sign, bravery is something that is learned the hard way much of the time, unfortunately. Yet you pulled it off, Pisces. You’ve become master of your domain and we’re lovin' it, plus enjoying the view of watching the evolution as it unfolds bit by bit.

It’s a sight to be seen. (Best Days 19, 20).

The 10 is the communication number and whenever you have it for a lucky number, a personal year, a peak cycle, a Life Path Number or any other influential number, it often means you’ve got something big to announce or get off your chest.

Here’s where you could revert to some of your old patterns, so be careful to maintain a close eye on where you’re at in terms of your pathway direction, condition, and focus at all times. If you do this, you’ll be just fine.

The 80 isn’t a number we see often but when we do, it’s purity is stunning.

The knowledge-bearer 8, old soul, the God Frequency, elderly or wise sage energy is exposed through the loyal, trustworthy and doubtless, 8, amplified, of course, by the zero (more of a symbol or placeholder in mathematics than it is a numerical digit).