Pisces Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions April 22nd to April 28th 2018

  • 17
  • 21

Some fish swim upstream and you’re one of those kinds of fish, Pisces. You don’t give up easily and that’s awesome for what some might call the most sensitive sign of the zodiac…or are you, really? We’ve seen a whole new side of you when you gained a handle on your emotional flow. You don’t necessarily completely understand it, but you have a sixth sense on how to “drive it.”

Maybe it was the unpredictability and instability of your emotional equilibrium that created the appearance of emotional chaos and madness. Since this shift in you, there has been more of an air of practicality than erratic. Isn’t it intriguing how one smaller shift on an energetic level can have much more massive ripples and even waves by the time it reaches the physical plane?

You’re quite amazing, Pisces. Complicated as heck but amazing, none the less. (Best Days 26).

The 17 is the number of communication (1) with the number of truth and 7 to form the number of wisdom (1+7=8). It’s often referred to as the God Frequency and represents our global purpose as humans. As humans, we’re the only species who can communicate through words, so it’s certainly a gift.

The 21 is the supportive, passive, sensitive, intuitive, number of the peace, harmony, and cooperation (2) and the more egotistical, success driven, pioneering, trailblazing number of new beginnings (1). It’s like polar opposites with the 1 and 2. Both can often be pulling you in different directions.

The saver? 1+2=3, the number of unity. It saves the day and brings everything together, tied with a bow.