Pisces Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction May 27th to June 2nd 2018

  • 16

We save the best for last when we take a look at your sign (so to speak). When it comes to the emotional realm, you’re master of that domain, everyone knows that. Last week was a piece of work, to put it mildly, but you pushed through it like a trooper and with flying colors.

This week will be a walk in the park, in comparison – save for one major issue. There are two days focused solely on the communication of your inner world. That’s easier said than done though, Pisces (for you). You are one of the most emotionally charged or dominant (if not THE most) emotional sign of the zodiac.

This week will actually be more of a challenge than the outright emotionally dominant and unpredictable week, last week. Brace yourself, Pisces, this is like heading straight into the battle zone.

We have the utmost faith in you though, Pisces. You’ve got this, don’t fret. (Best Days 27).

The 16 is the “turn the page”, ah-ha moment, real, raw truth number that leaves no stone unturned and can actually leave you feeling bare and very vulnerable, at the mercy of the 16/7’s powerful “truth serum.”

The mighty lessons tied up in this coming week are much more pronounced and powerful than you’ve guestimated.

Expect the unexpected and roll with itPisces. Resistance is futile under the influence of the 16/7.