Leo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction May 27th to June 2nd 2018

  • 33

Leo, you’re starting to get a thick skin, but not in a “put up walls” kind of way. More of a situation where you’ve developed confidence in your abilities, talents, and most of all self-worth. It’s a nice thing to see because you’ve waivered for so very long, in a back and forth motion – from co-dependence to independence and back again.

No longer do you struggle with uncertainty in terms of your own inner self-trust. You’ve learned to trust and rely on your own instincts and that’s a huge advancement in evolution for you, Leo. In fact, it happened slowly over time, that you didn’t even realize you were acquiring that strength – a very important trait for you, indeed, Leo. It is so important, it will change your perspective in manyways onmany things.

Emotionally exceptional months like this year’s May have pushed you out of your comfort zone so you had no choice but to adapt. Be grateful you subconsciously chose this positive growth path, rather than retreating to “hide” from the emotional waves that can wash away your shoreline, causing you to “recede” into your safe zone, instead of moving forward.

You did it, Leo. This is a giant battle won. You should be extremely proud of yourself because the rest of us certainly are.

To be honest, we didn’t think you could do it, but you proved us all very wrong. (Best Days 30, 2).

The 33 could very well have put the finishingtouches on this transformational change. The 33 is the limitless potential for success number as the Master Teacher (33/6), but it can easily slip into the negative zone, like no other, becoming the greatest self-saboteur.

The double 3’s in the positive are inspirational, imaginative, endlessly optimistic and the sky is truly the limit when you’ve got a pair of positive 3’s in your possession. It can go all bad if those 3’s turn toward their more negative side of self-doubt, self-criticism, indecisiveness, and lack of confidence.

To make matters worse, if those 3’s delve into the negative side, downward goes the number of extremes 6, moving from the creative visionary to the critical, pessimistic, judgmental, gossipy and overall generally drama-creating and drama attracting. It’s like a negative vortex that can suck you in and it’s super difficult to pull yourself out unless someone “throws you a rope.”

It’s imperative you keep this one focused on the positive and kept on the straight and narrow. It can literally make or break you, Leo.