Leo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions April 22nd to April 28th 2018

  • 35
  • 69

Oh my, Leo. You’ve been taking two steps forward then one step backward. It’s been like a birthing process all the way. We can’t expect more though, this is pretty darn good for you, Leo, in fact, it’s excellent. For the latter part of 2017, you were starting to come toa standstill, which was worrisome.

Now you’re moving forward again and making progress at the same time. Love and emotions or matters of the heart have always been difficult for you because you’re so sensitive and easily hurt. That’s not a fault, Leo, it’s a treasure. Life is about experiencing it to the fullest and through the emotions is one of the most intense ways to experience life to its maximum potential.

One thing is for sure, if you learn through personal experience that involves emotions also, you’re going to get it and get it loud and clear (depending on how deep into the emotional realm it goes). It’s always been a weaker area for you and that’s what these many weeks have been about – strengthening that part of yourself so you can use it instead of becoming paralyzed by it all the time. It can cripple you, especially in drama-filled relationships (which you often attract, as like attracts like).

You’re learning not to attract those types of energies (people, places, things) anymore and that’s a big deal, Leo. Don’t discount yourself because you’re making seemingly “slower progress” than other signs. They’re also not learning the same lesson as you are, either.

Remember that as you move along your path this year. (Best Days 26).

The 35 could be good and bad for you so I’m going to lay it down for you loud and clear. In the positive, the 3 is sunny, happy, positive, optimistic, the social butterfly, endless belief in the possibilities. The 5 to follow, in the positive, is the number of emotions, the heart, freedom of expression, compassionate, loving, considerate and careful of the emotional needs of others.

Switch these fellows into the negative though, and you could have a tornado. The negative 3 is self-doubting and self-critical (sits on the fence, unable to decide for fear of failure) and the 5 is erratic, moody, controlling, manipulative and dominating. That combo does not sound at all “appetizing.” That should be enough for you to recognize it’s a MUST to keep these two on the positive at all costs, Leo. You can do it.

As easily as you can become moody and switch gears, you can also prevent yourself from doing so and remain even-keeled also. You have a powerful choice energy about you.

The 69 is also another one to be cautious of. Positively, the creative, motherly, nurturing, nesting, visionary 6 can make you feel protected and safe as you move along your path. Back by the positive 9, it adds to it the gift of the humanitarian, selfless service, giving without desiring anything whatsoever in return.

Negatively, the 6 is the “Number of Extremes”, with a strong positive and negative side. It can create a negative vortex that will suck you in quite quickly. It can be critical, judgmental, self-sabotaging, gossipy, pessimistic. Not at all where you want to be this week or any week, Leo.

Word to the wise: keep these two number combos in the positive or your week will go down the tubes quite rapidly. Bottom line.