Gemini Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction April 22nd to April 28th 2018

  • 20

Uh-oh, Gemini. This week could get mushy (emotionally mushy). It’s not exactly your cup of tea or your forte but you’re going there anyway, like it or not.

The first day plunges you head-first into an important conversational energy that wants to say/reveal a shock and awe piece of information. That you dig, but the emotional part, not so much. In fact, it’s so important (what you’ll be communicating or communicated to), you get a day of integration, assimilation, and self-reflection right after with the pure 20/2 day.

The middle of the week, you’ll see some reprieve from the “uncomfortable zone” (aka, emotions) by turning your attention to implementing ideas (3) through action (4), related to your path/purpose (5). It’s more fine-tuning, I guess you could say. We’re always a work in progress so the master blueprint is never fully complete – it’s forever changing as you are. The last two days though, you’re getting to the raw, real, truth (7) about a challenge or issue in a relationship connection.

What you find out isn’t at all what you expected though, so brace yourself for this one, Capricorn. As they say, save the best for last (end of the week).

Don’t freak out, it may sound horrific, but your growth and new-found ability to handle emotional situations better will allow you to navigate these two days much more confidently and easily than you would have in the past. (Best Days 25, 27).

The 20/2 is the most “non-action” number of them all. It’s highly driven toward self-reflection, contemplation, using your intuition to understand at a deeper level (2) and the zero accentuates that powerful force. It’s a win-win for you to have this Gemini.

At first glance, you might curl your nose up, but it will serve you more this week than you even realize yet. You’ll see. No need to understand.

Just follow the wave, let it carry you where it may.