Gemini Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions June 17th to June 23rd 2018

  • 27
  • 66

It feels like you’re slowly being broken down or that your walls are being infiltrated. Enough is enough but the powers that be don’t think so. Yet another soulful growth week is in your presence and when life throws you lemons, we know Gemini’s can make amazing lemonade (with all the garnishes and fixings), if they want to.

Stubborn as you can be, you’ve softened to the scene a bit since it’s been ongoing for so long now. You can’t help but make the best of the situation. That’s one thing you’re great at, Gemini – making mountains out of molehills or molehills out of mountains (it’s always in your power and you know it).

You have a ton of personal power at your fingertips and you can choose to make your life fabulous with the cards dealt or a miserable drama-mess. Your choice, your call – always. Gemini is actually one of the more powerful signs who can really get things done when pushed into a corner.

That said, you know what your task is this week. You finally get to marry action with emotional or intuitive navigation and see how that all works, for real. You’ll find that it’s not only a fascinating situation to you but you’ll immediately see all at once, how it can work in your life going forward.

You’re smart and innovative so nothing much gets past you. All in all, it’s a good week, Gemini.

You’re connecting all the dots – finally. (Best Days 20, 23).

The 27 is so interesting to have as a lucky number this week. The main reason is that the 27/9 (Gandhi and Mother Teresa had this as their Life Path Number) takes time to grow into its own. The 7 in the inner or weaker position creates a sense of distrust, so the 27/9 is often a follower before it’s a leader and wise one, until it develops a strong sense of inner self-trust.

After that, it blossoms into the wise humanitarian who is doubtless and fearless in all ways. Not fearless as in a “big-shot” but as in knowing everything happens for a reason. The 66 is a stunner and could go in two very different directions. As the number of extremes, the 6 in the singular (not to mention in pairs or more!) can have a very strong negative and very strong positive side.

The trick with the 6 is to keep it far, far away from any negative people, places and/or things. Once you’re sucked into the vortex of negativity, you literally have to be thrown a rope to have help being pulled from its wrath. In the positive, it’s creativity on overload.

The 6 is the number of creativity/creative expression as well as the motherly nurturer and visionary. Obviously, you want to keep the 6 “happy.”