Gemini Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction May 20th to May 26th 2018

  • 53

You’re like a cat being rubbed the wrong way this week. Your “arrogance”, that side of you which rears its ugly head every so often (a little too often, lately), is even getting on your nerves now. This week is similar to last, with a step-back view of all that you are, with one major difference: you could cut the emotional tension with a knife.

Although one of the most dynamic signs, you’d think emotions would be a trip down easy-street.You come across as the “strong” one, who isn’t easily hurt, upset or traumatized by emotional sensitivities. That couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s why you’re already feeling apprehension as this week approaches. You know very well that it’s going to expose your dirty little secret, that vulnerable side, you prefer to call your “weak” side.

You know what though, Gemini? Allowing others to see you in this “naked” place makes you finally human to those who thought you were just a cocky, bold and often a demanding diva if your needs, wants and desires aren’t met to your satisfaction.

Underneath all that loud and obnoxiousness, is the Gemini we can fall in love with. Guaranteed, it will soften the way others see you and help them to have more patience and understanding with you.

That’s huge for you, sweetie, more than you even know, just yet. (Best Days (20, 24).

With a huge week of exposure and the fear-factor of being hurt, you’ve got just one lucky number this week, but trust me, that’s all you’ll require.

The 53 is a firecracker full of perks, bells, and whistles. As an emotionally charged and focused week already infiltrating your life, the 5 and 3 together is a handful and a half, to say the least. Roll with it and let it guide you, Gemini.

Memo: You’re not privy to everything, Gemini (sorry to burst your fantasy bubble).