Tony Robbins by Michelle Arbeau


Lucky Number Predictions for Tony Robbins

  • 4
  • 11
  • 29
  • 69

Tony Robbins has been one of the most popular and long-standing, test of time, motivation speakers in the world. Some say he’s an odd duck with strangeritualhabits based on purely feeling, for the most part. So, what’s the secret to his longevity and lasting success? First of all, he was born to be the spiritual guide he is being the Life Path Number 11, he is the more conservative 11 (29/11) but most 11’s are wise beyond their years from all the early day “live and learn” situations, they’ve usually got a large amount of inner knowledge an wisdom

He has the Arrow of Skepticism, which doesn’t make him outwardly blunt, curt or rude. It adds to his curiosity and inquisitive-action to his list of positive points, l can say doubtlessly that Tony uses his Arrow of Skepticism as part of his inquisitive nature and it is brilliantly wonderful for him, unlike some, who become a negative Nelly.

If you ever get a chance to read the book, “Eat Right for your Blood Type”.- you should read it. It’s amazingly accurate with matching up personal qualities to particular blood types.

Tony is mentally and emotionally dominant in his number patterns with most of his numbers clustered primarily in those realms, save for a single 1 on the physical plane.

He may not be great atexpressing his personal feelings and inner self (which would only affect his intimate relationships) but he sure is great at expressing those upper to planes through his work and conveying those messages to others.

As the Spiritual Guide, he has double 2’s (highly intuitive and soulful based) as well as double 9’s (computer like smarts and big dreamer thinking), these numbers are exactly what fuels the man behind what we see as the highly successful coach, Tony Robbins.

Tony’s 2018 is going to be interesting because his Personal Year is a 6 (mostly focused on relationship changes – starting, ending, changing them) and his Peak Cycle is the highest change 9 – changes on every level. Therefore, any relationship changes would spill over into other areas of his life as well, causinga chain reaction effect.

Last year, he would have enjoyed a career year while under the Peak of 9 Cycle so it would have brought about a great deal of career shift, likely in the positive

We shall see what and why he needs to go through these shifts in his people connections but I suspect it’s still tied to his career in some way, ultimately, because his life path has a big spotlight on his career being very dominant.

As an 11, meaningful work that helps others on a soulful level is a must.

I’m not a guru follower but I find Tony an anomaly that is fascinating. He’s definitely one of a kind!

Happy Birthday, Tony!