Taylor Swift by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Prediction for Taylor Swift

  • 7

Taylor Swift continues to be a hot commodity in the music biz and she even managed to change music genres with ease, which is something most singer/songwriter/performers can’t manage to pull off.

So what’s her secret at just 26 years old? Well, first of all, her songs are pretty raw and real, usually openly detailing her own heartbreak and experiences. She makes no excuses for it and doesn’t try to deny it either because Taylor is the Life Path Number 7, the number of truth, authenticity and integrity. She’s a total justice-seeker so if you’re brave enough to date her, don’t cross her or you’ll find yourself on her next album for sure.

To add to the truth serum bottle, her gift (sum of month/day) also adds to a 7 so she’s a 7 with the gift of the 7. That’s a whole lot of in-your-face realness. It’s also likely the reason her love life hasn’t been the smoothest pathway. A woman who speaks her mind can be a bit intimidating for some men, especially when she’s an international star.

Let’s face it though, people love to be able to relate to artists and see themselves in their stories. Without a doubt, that’s Taylor’s secret weapon for success. Sorry Ms. Swift for letting the cat out of the bag ;) Happy Birthday, Taylor!