RuPaul by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for RuPaul

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There probably aren’t many people who haven’t heard of the name RuPaul. He did for Drag Queens what Twiggy did for the modeling industry. He definitely paved the way as an American actor,drag queen, television personality, and singer/songwriter.

His long career has spanned decades and various cities, shows, and projects. He definitely picked the right career path as he’s the knowledge bearer as the Life Path 8 but the 8 is also an assertive, independent, doubtless, confident and wise number. Its desire is to share knowledge and wisdom with others but RuPaul had a bit of a twist to his 8 energy.

His gift (sum of his month/day) is a 10, the number of communication (the Earth Guide that leads through casual conversation). His “how” (sum of year, “how” he shares his gift with the world) is a raw and real 16/7. It’s all about the search and revealing of the truth but it a big, flashy, drama-filled over-the-top way. Think “ah-ha” moment kind of page-turning truth. He is all about “go big or go home” and that’s exactly how his personality, performances, portrayal of character, etc. have been all along. He hasn’t been afraid to say it and do it like it’s meant to be.

He’s a lead by example kind of leader indeed. As a feisty Scorpio, he also has an incredible four 1’s, causing him to be the ultimate chatterbox in order to share verbally his points, causes, beliefs, ideals and more. He doesn’t hesitate to rip it off like a Band-Aid and tell it like it is. Due to the platform he’s built for himself, he can get away with it more so than other people though.

This year, he’s in a Personal Year of 20/2 which is purely about inner self-reflection and contemplation, not at all about outer change. Yet his Peak Cycle is the 9, the highest change number. This means, since he’s in the 2nd year of a Peak Cycle of 9 (that lasts for 9 years), he’s going to have some pretty significant changes on the soulful and inner levels. Lots of outer growth but not really any outer change to be significantly seen.

He also has the Arrow of Sensitivity (no soul plane numbers). This causes his hearty amount of mind plane energy to be “trapped” and not easily able to bring his plans and dreams to fruition without assistance from others. He also has an isolated 7 meaning he’s had more than his fair share of hindsight learning, often involving experiences of sacrifice, loss, and hardship through attracting/repeating the same patterns over and over again (same trash different pile type of cycle).

Being highly sensitive, he’s really taken a beating and is probably fairly closed down emotionally or keeps others at arm’s length without realizing it. Thankfully, this tends to lessen to varying degrees as one matures, depending on the types of personal experiences they continue to go through (the hindsight learning tends to end nearing mid-life).

RuPaul is definitely a pioneer and trailblazer and his personality is just that way (and can’t be any other way). He’s a legend in his own right and will continue to be so for a while yet. We can look forward to some kind of change in trajectory in his path though as he works his way through this high change but high contemplative energy.

He’s taking a hard look at what he’s done, where he’s been and who, what, where he wants to go next. RuPaul has a fork upcoming in the road, or possibly several forks and he must choose one to move forward.

Let’s see what happens. By next fall we shall see the results.