Rosa Parks by Michelle Arbeau


Lucky Number Predictions for Rosa Parks

  • 2
  • 10
  • 55

Rosa Parks, although passed now, was a pivotal woman in black history. In fact, she stood for so much more than that. She was a woman who stood tall and strong in her personal power. This is a concept that so many people from all walks of life struggle with. Just like heart disease is the number one killer, the lack of or hindrance of allowing a human being to stand in their personal power (and not constantly give it away), is the number one reason for “soul death” for the living. It’s the reason people give up on their dreams, their hopes, and goals. They feel unworthy, not good enough, meager or weak. When, in truth, you are as powerful as you want to be. It’s a CHOICE. Not something just for a lucky few.

Rosa Parks was no different than you or I, except that she was centered in her personal power and owned that space in time, at that moment, when she refused to give up her seat on that bus in 1955. She wholehearted felt that she deserved to be there, and so it was. That is the glory of pure manifestation as a conscious creator of our own destiny. When we lack personal power, we have no control. We’re like a balloon adrift in the winds of change.

Why did Rosa believe in herself? Where did that sense of personal power and inner strength come from? First of all, her Life Path Number was a pure 20/2. Knowing that the 2 is passive, supportive, cooperative and peaceful, how could it be that such a person could be so bold? The answer is simple. The highly intuitive-driven 2 (amplified by the zero) is doubtless in its power. Intuition never holds doubt unless the mind interferes or takes over (and then it is no longer intuition speaking).

Rosa also had the Arrow of Inspiration. This can give someone the ultimate power of positive thinking and belief that anything is possible if you set your heart and soul to it completely. She likely had the mindset, not unlike that of an innocent child who fully believes in themselves that they can be, do, achieve anything they want. They don’t think about the how or the obstacles to getting there. They just know that’s what they want and have made their choice firmly and completely, as Rosa Parks did that day.

Known as the “First Lady of Civil Rights”, Rosa was at the center of major changes in the way people were viewed on public transportation and so much more. She started a revolution of sorts, simply because she had an unwavering sense of personal power. Who says one person can’t change the world? Rosa Parks certainly did.

A final secret to her fearless, optimistic and acknowledgment of her importance, was her isolated 9 (no other numbers around the 9 on her chart). The 9 is the most active number on the mind plane. When it’s isolated though, it can bring about radical, out of the box, tangent thinking. Not a “crazy” type of thinking but more of “ahead of the game” thinking. She was a big dreamer and a big achiever too. The combination created a powerful manifester named Rosa Parks.

Your incredible courage, strength, perseverance, and acknowledgment of your self-worth and personal power leave us awe-inspired, to say the least. You are an example to follow to the T. That is most of all, your legacy.

Happy Birthday, Rosa!