Miley Cyrus by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for Miley Cyrus

  • 8
  • 11
  • 22

Miley Cyrus has been through a heck of a lot of transformation since she first hit the music scene. She’s a Sagittarius which tend to be adventure-seekers naturally but she’s also a Life Path 10 which has a main trait of adaptability. The 10 is the number of communication as well and it leads with the pioneering, trailblazing and achievement-driven 1.

Her gift is that of truth-seeking (7) so no matter what she’s doing, it’s always in the name of getting to the bottom of it all or at least expressing it and/or letting it all hang out – literally and figuratively. Her “how” (how she shares her gift with the world), which is the sum of her year, is the 3 so she’s definitely into inspiration but the 3 is also called the “social butterfly” or the life of the party.

To add to that, she also has the Arrow of Inspiration (also known as the Arrow of the Planner). She has a bit of built-in cheerleader energy and can get really jazzed about something she’s currently passionate about.

She also has the Arrow of Frustration which causes her to set the bar really high in terms of expectations of not only herself but other people, places, and situations. This Arrow is further complicated by her double isolated 9’s on the mind plane. It creates a scenario of tangent thinking and creating often unrealistic expectations, ideas, and standards.

Her first Peak Cycle (she’s currently under) is the hindsight learning 7. It demands you learn through personal experience which is likely why she’s been so explorative and has changed her image, direction, beliefs, etc. in a 180-degree way. However, it can create a repeat lesson scenario, where the same lessons keep rearing their head and come in different packages, shapes or forms but ultimately end up being the same lesson in the end (until it’s fully learned and integrated).

Her Personal Year this year is an 8. It’s an abundant number that often brings opportunities to you (you don’t have to go searching for them) but it is also a very assertive, confident, bold, independent and doubtless number. As we’ve seen with Miley lately, she has certainly displayed much of this type of energy in terms of her image and her vocal behavior in sharing her beliefs, thoughts, opinions. It can be an explorative year of breaking out from the pack because of the strong independence associated with the doubtless but wise 8.

Unfortunately, Miley still has a bit to go in order to move beyond the hindsight learning and some of the difficulties previously listed. By her thirties, she will have a much easier ride than she is experiencing now but she’ll certainly have a lot of notches on her belt and wisdom to draw upon, which will be a good thing after it’s all said and done.

It may appear that Miley is making some “stupid” mistakes or living through trial and error but those who have more difficult charts, tend to be the souls who are more evolved. We are never given more than we can handle. She’s certainly an interesting character, indeed.

Happy Birthday, Miley!