Mary Tyler Moore by Michelle Arbeau -

Lucky Number Predictions for Mary Tyler Moore

  • 6
  • 33

Actress Mary Tyler Moore turns 79 on Dec. 29. She’s had a long and successful career in the world of TV and continues to carry her much-loved persona her fans know her for. The reason? Well, she’s got a double dose of the sunny, bright, happy-go-lucky 3 in her Life Path Number, the 33/6.

Both of these sunny gems (double 3’s) add to form the motherly, nurturing creative visionary (3+3=6).

The world can’t help but fall in love with such an energy.

In fact, the 33/6 is the only Life Path with limitless potential to achieve anything they set their mind to (except in the negative when they self-sabotage: think Lindsay Lohan).

Mary also has a TON of mind plane energy.

So much so that she is extremely intelligent with the Arrow of the Intellect.

She might be a beautiful woman but she’s got the brains to match the beauty too. Happy Birthday, Mary!