Kim Mathers by Michelle Arbeau


Lucky Number Predictions for Kim Mathers

  • 5
  • 10

Kim Mathers is the high school sweetheart of popular rapper, Eminem (Marshall Mathers). They’ve been together off and on since they were 13 and even dropped out of school together. They had one daughter together, Haley Mathers. They’ve even been married and divorced twice!

She’s not a celebrity for anything in particular, (think Kardashians) except for her media followed tumultuous relationship with Eminem. Call it a “love/hate” relationship.

She’s been to jail, into drugs, abandoned ship a couple of times (on life in general). She seemed to live quite a reckless lifestyle, but why? Well, there’s a common denominator when someone is in the spotlight in a big way and the other person is just, well, a person, per se. They often struggle to reconcile having a normal life with a celebrity because they don’t have that kind of lifestyle. This could have a lot to do with her reckless lifestyle and volatile relationship with long-time love, Eminem.

Honestly, looking at both their charts, there will always be a connection and a love there for each other but because they both have such difficult charts, they frequently butt heads on pretty much anything and everything.

What is extremely interesting on Kim’s chart though is that presently, she’s in a huge foundation shifting cycle and it has a big purpose. She’ll spend the majority of her forties in this mode, revamping and restyling many things in her life. She’s a Life Path Number 5, the “Expressive Artist” (often an erratic number) with the gift of communication (10). It would seem Eminem and Kim aren’t as different as one might think after all.

By the time she hits around the age of 47, she’ll enter the first of two-back-to-back career changing cycles. It looks as though her path came a bit later in life and that could very well be that she needed to gain the personal experience (the hard way) in order to get wisdom or notches under her belt.

This could mean one of two things. 1. It could clearly indicate she will finally find her path/purpose and begin to build her empire. 2. It could also mean that the second 5 cycle could either be yet another shift in career path altogether (as if the first one wasn’t the right choice) or the second cycle could actually be a step up and out, growing her empire even further – most likely taking it to a global level.

This is a celebrity spotlight I really hope the celebrity actually sees the information because, at this point, Kim probably feels quite lost and hopeless, like she’ll never make it anywhere when in fact her life is soon about to just begin. It’s a very life-changing but exciting time to come for her at the moment. The unfortunate thing is that she doesn’t know the dark skies she might be feeling now will soon transform into sunny skies ahead.

Happy Birthday, Kim!