Kate Spade by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for Kate Spade

  • 6
  • 12
  • 22

I was searching for a celebrity figure for this week’s celebrity spotlight and I happened to come across Kate Spade. Although I love her designs, I had second thoughts about doing her profile as I assumed she might not be that interesting. Boy was I wrong!

This woman is the Life Path Number 27/9, the same as Gandhi and Mother Teresa. It’s a wise, old soul path but you must first “grow” into it and develop the lacking crucial piece with this particular number combination – trust of the self and trust of others. Most importantly, you must develop that solid inner sense of self-trust before you truly blossom into the wise sage “humanitarian” number combination 27/9 was born to be.

Kate’s early life was full of high change chaos from adolescence, all the way up to her mid-thirties. With the highest change number 9 as her Peak Cycle (lasting for 9 years), she would have experienced change or at least frequent tweaking and shifting on all levels of her life – from career, relationships, finance, home (location, moving) – you name it. The 9 Cycle (of 9 years in length) is like whirlwind change, almost constantly, to some degree.

Interestingly, she then hit two back to back Peak Cycles (each 9-years long) of 6. The 6 is the creative visionary but also the relationship number. The first cycle was likely focused more on relationship shifting of all kinds – friends, family, co-workers, partners, acquaintances, etc. The second Peak Cycle of 6 from age 45 to 54 would have more of a focus on the creativity aspect than relationships this time around. It was as though she had to put into alignment the right people in her life to clear the runway for success.

Her last and final cycle (which she’s in now) is vastly different than all the others and this is common to “save the best for last” when it comes to finding your path and purpose with more of the guiding, mentoring, teaching Life Path Numbers like the supportive, humanitarian but deeply wise and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, society teaches us that we’re supposed to be 25, have the degree, climbing the corporate ladder, have 2.3 kids and a dog, the house, car, bank account, etc. If you don’t, you must be a loser or missed the boat somewhere along the way. However, Kate is RIGHT on time. She would have never found her passion and purpose in her twenties – never.

Her last cycle is actually the 12/3, the whole and complete number (12) and the number of unity (3). This indicates everything is finally coming together, that her dots are all connecting to become whole and happy as she’s finding her passion and purpose completely now, incorporating now, the missing link which is that of the humanitarian component.

Her new line, Frances Valentine is just that. It has depth, meaning and personality in the line and they become cherished pieces, not just accessories or clothes that look good superficially. This new line is a brilliant concept in terms of a paradigm shift in the way we view fashion and clothing.

Ultimately though, Kate was actually born with not one, not two but three 2’s! The 2 is the number of intuition, sensitivity, passivity, support, peace, harmony and cooperation. It’s the number that is closest to the vibration of the soulful self. Her intuitive ability is off the hook (she can probably make a quick character call of anyone in an instant) but most importantly, true creativity doesn’t come from the mind, as most people believe. It comes purely through the soul plane and the 2 is the gateway number to the soul and or emotional plane.

She’s a psychic sponge and due to this, may need a lot of MIA time to rejuvenate from picking up much of the energetic junk of everyone and everything.

If I were to wager an experienced guess, I’d say her fantastic idea will bring a new way in which to view/think about, wearing, seeing and experiencing clothes. Since clothes are unique to the human species on the planet, they hold a more special place in our lives than we realize and, it’s high time someone like Kate Spade brought that perspective shift to the table – and that she’s doing!

Much success going forward because it’s your time to blow up your empire like never before but the best of all is that it incorporates the humanitarian part of you that calls for you to create art pieces of meaning and value. You are totally onto something with this brand-new line (keep going, girl!). We’re all excited and anxious to see where this rather genius idea will lead her. She has surely “arrived” and it’s time for her to truly embrace her path and purpose in its totality.

Happy Birthday, Kate!