Janice Dickinson by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for Janice Dickinson

  • 2
  • 10
  • 55

This week, we have the woman known as the “first supermodel” Janice Dickinson. Her chart weaves her tale so well, it’s ominous and feels like there’s bit of a fear factor involved. The answer as to why is very simple and straightforward. Janice not only has one 5 (number of freedom of expression and heart/emotions, she has a breathtaking 3 of them! That in itself is a blessing but also her greatest curse and personal self-sabotager to the ninth degree.

To anyoneincredibly sensitive as Janice, AND lacking not only the ability to control her emotions as well, PLUS having the sensitive, intuitive 2 on the soul plane as well,the soul plane is definitely her living, breathing world day in and day out. Can you imagine being her and not just wearing your heart on your sleeve but feeling so intensely everything and everyone around you to the point of needing to mask or subdue the intense feelings in order to function in the day to day world?

Janice does have double 1’s, which indicates a “way with words” but sadly, not when it comes to using that skill set on her own situations.

Looking at her chart and Peak Cycles, it’s very clear that the majority of her success took place in her first two back to back double cycles of 8 from the age of 26 (or younger) to 35 and from 35, another 8-cycle until age 44. That’s why the demise of her empire would have come at a red-hot pace. The 16/7 cycle was next for her from 44 to 53 and her work as a supermodel along with her personal life would have taken a downward spiral.

She appeared on a reality show for drugs/alcohol abuse (Celebrity Rehab) which indicates she obviously used substances to attempt to mask the pain and suffering of a crumbled empire. She also sought out plastic surgery as a means of “feeling better” about herself. None of them worked and she continued to spiral downward.

Now, at the age of 63, she started a cycle of 4 at age 53, which would have taken her on a journey of revamping her foundation and life structure. Knowing at this point, her modeling days were well behind her, she struggled to find her purpose and meaning in life. The 4 cycle is often about either restructuring your foundation or rebuilding it from a crumbled pile of rubble, which was the latter for Ms. Dickinson.

It would be an extremely hard existence to lead a life so very sensitive all the time, having your heart almost literally on your sleeve. She lives her days through the soul plane and it’s likely intense with lots of ups, downs, and all-around. It’s an unpredictable life, to say the least, and with very little grounding energy (lacking physical plane numbers), she’s often engulfed in her emotional world.

In essence, Janice can get stuck in a deep, dark inner place that causes her to feel like no one can possibly understand her or even reach her at those depths. No wonder she attempted to mask such incredibly powerful feelings with substance abuse.

We haven’t heard from Janice in a while but she’s still in foundation shifting/rebuilding mode so hopefully, we’ll hear some good news surfacing once more for the infamous Janice Dickinson. She’s in a Personal Year of new beginnings so you just never know!

Happy Birthday, Janice!