Hillary Clinton by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton has had a lot of experience in the realm of politics, however, has that really been her truest passion? Her chart says no and here’s why: First of all, she’s a pure 30/3 Life Path Number. This path has a one-track mind of uplifting and inspiring other people. She also has all three of the physical numbers making her more than capable of bringing her ideas to fruition, however, she does so through the path of her single intuitive 2.

This is actually a good thing because when we follow our intuition in terms of guiding our ideas into action, it more often than not leads us to the right places, people, and things.

Hillary’s gift (sum of month/day) is actually a 9, the humanitarian and her “how” (how she shares her gift with the world) as the sum of her year is a 3 (inspirational, imaginative). This could indicate politics may not have been the right path for her after all.

The topper that proves this is that she’s in a Personal Year of 1 ( the theme of her year) and a longer 9-year Peak Cycle of 4 (foundation-shifting). It seems that what she has been focusing on for so long is time to be shelved in favor of a purer version of the humanitarian action combined with adequate inspiration.

Don’t be at all surprised if we see Hillary shelve politics and take on a vastly different role and direction in life, sooner than later.

I’m certainly intrigued as to where she’s headed next.

Happy Birthday, Hillary!