Frank Sinatra by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for Frank Sinatra

  • 14
  • 22

Frank Sinatra had a lengthy career from an earlier age all the way through until his death in 1988. He had a full career in film and TV and later singing performances that really put him on the map.

His very early life was more about relationships (Peak Cycle of 6) and outward physicalities of life (Peak of 1). It wasn’t really until his later years that he came into his own and started to become the legend he still is, even after his passing. He was definitely passion based more on numbers via the soul plane than the mental or physical. It’s clear he made a great actor and singer/performer because of that particular quality.

He also had a secret weapon to his longevity. He had the Arrow of Determination but the focus was on his multiple 1’s (four of them!). This meant his determination came out verbally more often than not because 1 is the number of verbal self-expression. Not only would that passionate verbal expression come out in his art forms, it would also come out in his dealings with those around him. He was feisty and he let people know it.

His work was based on the great vision as his gift was that of the creative visionary (6). He could connect the dots for others when they couldn’t see it for themselves but most importantly, he displayed this visionary gift in his work not only as an actor but in his singing performances. There had to be depth and meaning to his work, always.

His “how” (how he shared the world with others) through the sum of his year was a powerfully transformative 16/7. It was a shock and awe energy in its own right and he brought the greater vision through his work for the purpose of revealing truth on a large scale. It was ah-ha moment truth, not small potatoes. This is definitely one of the secrets to his powerful performances.

His Life Path was a 22/4, the Master Builder. This meant he certainly was no stranger to diligently building his empire over the course of his career. He was brilliant at not only being the creative director of his own life but doing the same for others as well.

Had he been still alive today, he would be in a mentoring Peak Cycle, showing others the ropes on how to build a solid and successful empire like he did.

Happy Birthday, Frank!