Finn Wolfhard by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for Finn Wolfhard

  • 2
  • 4
  • 8

Finn Wolfhard is an actor who hit the scene with a new paranormal-based series called “Stranger Things” on Netflix, which has recently released its second season. What a perfect person to be playing in such a series.

This Canadian kid is one of those “special kids" who isn't born with a 9 (everyone born in the 1900’s had at least one 9 in their date of birth). Instead, these 2000+ babies are often born with little or no mind plane numbers, resulting in them living much more through their emotional realm, which is definitely the case for Finn. He has a whopping quadruple 2’s - the number of intuition, sensitivity, support and the most sensitive number of the soul plane. He’s like a psychic sponge but also so gifted, he would probably admit to seeing, hearing and/or dreaming about the supernatural.

How he was picked for this role, I’m not sure, but I do know, he’s a perfect actor to fulfill such a role. He also has the Arrow of Passivity (which many 2000+ babies have) which gives him the ability to just “be” and not be totally consumed with his own goals and ambitions. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have goals and dreams he wants to achieve, but it does mean that he doesn’t have blinders on either. He’s a natural “knowledge-bearer” with the gift of the 8 (sum of month and day) and his “how” (how he shares his gift with the world) is a 4, the “bridge” number. This means he has the talent of being able to illuminate the pathway for others who may see a gaping dark hole between point A (dead-end job, life they hate) to point B (living their dreams and passion).

He’s very talented at connecting the dots for others and bringing things whole and complete as his Life Path is the 12/3 (12 is whole & complete number, 3 number of unity).

The one downside or challenge he has is the Arrow of Frustration. He can have a tendency to set the bar a little high in terms of his own goals and expectations of not only himself but of others, setting himself up for extra disappointment and let-down. There’s no easy fix for this except to continually catch yourself in the moment and say, “Wait a second, I need to leave the door open a bit wider to allow room for the unexpected.”

This year is awesome for him as he’s in a Personal Year of 9 (personal year is the theme of his year) and that’s the highest change number while he’s in a Peak Cycle of 8 (lasts for 9 years) and the 8 is all about stepping out and up. Stepping into your personal power and confidence in your abilities and talents. Becoming the leader, you know you are as we all have the ability to be leaders because we’re ultimately here to share our truths with others for the purpose of soul’s evolution and growth. Period.

2018 is looking really good for this kid. I hope he’s ready to take the acting world by storm!

Happy Birthday, Finn!!