Eminem by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for Eminem

  • 1
  • 2
  • 7
  • 9

Eminem has had a hard go of things to make his career a success but it was totally meant to be. First of all, he’s a white rapper in a black man’s world. We all know what happened to Vanilla Ice, for example.

However, Eminem has his own style and real talent that is unique. It sets him apart from the rest. He’s a Life Path Number 10, giving him the ability to be adaptable and pioneering in the action part of things. He’s also got the Arrow of Frustration (missing 4, 5, 6) which causes him to set the bar exceptionally high in terms of expectations of his own goals and of his expectations of others. He was relentlessly determined from the start to make his goals and dreams a reality. No exceptions.

He’s also got double isolated 7’s on his chart (7’s with no other numbers around them, trapped energy). This emphasizes the experiences of being plagued with more than his fair share of hindsight learning. There’s something to be said for learning that way though because he narrowed down very quickly his route to the top.

His isolated double 9 in the top right corner with its trapped mental energy gives him a ton of ideas but he’s unable to translate them well to others (misunderstandings). His music lyrics are phenomenal because he can non-verbally or indirectly communicate his thoughts through his music and it comes out much more clearly and concisely than if he were to attempt to talk with someone in conversation. Consider it his fuel for the fire which is why he has such powerful yet harsh lyrics. His "live and learn" experiences are a big part of that too.

His gift is actually the 9, the “humanitarian”. His year (represents “how” he shares his gift with the world) adds to a 10 (the number of communication)which matches his Life Path Number too. He’s meant to be a communicator but through his music and talented performances.

His chart has not one, not two but three back-to-back cycles of 9 (the highest change cycle). The majority of his life will have him hopping with change on every level, but, as he matures, the last 9 cycle may have more to do with becoming the other side of the 9 (the humanitarian) than chaos and change.

This year is a big year for Eminem. His theme for the year is the pioneering new beginnings energy (1) and his Peak Cycle, of course, is 9 (high change). He’s a Libra who usually sees equilibrium or balance in the traditional sense (in the middle) but a wise Libra knows that kind of balance isn’t a one size fits all model. One extreme to the other could be anyone’s version of balance too. In fact, it’s a sign that Eminem gets this as a wise Libra because his life is anything but extreme. Can’t wait to see what's to come during the next phase for Eminem. He never fails to let us down.

Happy Birthday, Eminem!