Demi Moore by Michelle Arbeau -

Lucky Number Predictions for Demi Moore

  • 4
  • 11
  • 22

Hold the phone?! Is Demi Moore really turning 53?! This sexy Scorpio has even more going on than the norm. She’s not only the most intriguing and complicated zodiac sign, her date of birth is also on the infamous 11-11 date.

Google 11-11 and see what comes up. Guaranteed you’ll find a slew of information about the unexplained yet hugely global phenomenon called “the 11:11 time prompt phenomenon.” Is there magic in this digit combination?

Possibly. Although the 11 is known to be both incredibly self-reflective, it’s also known to be the “power number” causing everything to come together as if by magic.

Demi Moore’s date of birth adds to the Master Number 22/4 bringing her even more advantage because the 22/4 is the ultimate grounding number yet highly charged to bring about rapid manifestation at the same time.

It definitely explains why Ms. Moore has enjoyed such a long and successful career so far.

Happy Birthday, Demi!