Chester Bennington by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for Chester Bennington

  • 7
  • 8
  • 20

The lead singer of the popular band, Linkin Park (Chester Bennington) was found dead from suicide at the age of only 41. He had suffered from drug and alcohol abuse for years and even admitted he had considered suicide before due to being sexually abused by an older adult male as a child.

Looking at Chester’s chart, you can tell right away he was surely in the right career path (Life Path 10 is communication, the sum of day/month created the gift of the Expressive Artist, the 5, likewise his year, the HOW, was also a 5).

Interestingly, he was also in a Peak Cycle of 7. The 7 as a Peak Cycle can be spiritually contemplative (on the spiritual mountain) as the deep, philosophical number of truth or the “truth-seeker.” It can also mark a period in your life when a great deal of “live and learn” or hindsight learning experiences are thrown at you. It can be a challenging Peak Cycle, hands down.

Sadly, had he sought support and help from those around him, to cope with present struggles, inside and out (that were likely accentuated by the 7 cycle), he would have hit a Peak Cycle of 12/3 by 43, creating an overtone of everything coming together finally, everything coming full circle. He would have been able to move beyond some of the hurts and memories he was clinging to, gaining a greater sense of “wholeness” (12 is whole/compete number) and 3 is the number of unity. Chester’s dots would have started to connect and things would have made greater sense as to the why, how, who, and the “blame” or right/wrong of the situation(s) he was struggling with so desperately.

Although I don’t or didn’t follow Linkin Park or Chester Bennington after looking at his chart, it was indeed an “exit point” for Chester. There could and would have been more work for Chester to accomplish but he decided to take the opening in the rift of time and space to take an “exit door.” This is the freedom of choice at work.

Happy Birthday, Chester. RIP.