Chaz Bono by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for Chaz Bono

  • 7
  • 69

There’s been a lot of talk about sexuality and the blurred lines, etc. lately. I, frankly feel as though it has a great deal to do with the fact that as the human race evolves, we are becoming more conscious of our soulful self and as a result, understanding ourselves much more intricately than previous generations did. This has led to an epiphany that we are a species with “many facets” of all kinds and on every level of our being. Snowflakes, if you will, no two are identical (normal is highly overrated).

Chaz Bono is Cher’s son (used to be daughter). He underwent a complete sex change because he felt he was born a male, not a female. Yet his body didn’t match his internal self. With Cher being such a prominent figure and icon, Chaz Bono and his mother were frequently in the news as this transformation to become more of his authentic self-was taking place.

The thing about the earthly or physical plane is that it’s imperfect. Sometimes things get messed up or don’t work out as they “should” have. A chromosomal defect, a malformed heart valve, missing parts and even a male born into a female body (so to speak) can and does happen – and much more often than you’d think.

Unfortunately for Chaz, his transformation, while it should have been a personal matter, became the world’s “freak show” to watch. Kudos to Chaz though for paving the way for many misconceptions about this type of issue and how mass “wrongful” beliefs can easily be plucked from the full truth (as people may not resonate with the full truth, therefore they choose the piece or pieces they want to believe as truth).

You’re a brave soul, Chaz Bono and we salute you for staying strong, honoring your heart and soul to unravel and reveal your truth – and actually live it in its entirety. Your Life Path and your gift (sum of your month/day) are the truth-seeker 7 so you're all about getting to, revealing and living truth. We sincerely hope you’re happy...the truth shall set you free!

Happy Birthday, Chaz!