Bruno Mars by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for Bruno Mars

  • 5
  • 11
  • 88

Bruno Mars has a unique flavor and style to his music. It’s refreshing, upbeat and inspirational. Yet there’s always been something intriguing about him at the same time. Now that I’ve had a chance to analyze his chart for the first time, I completely understand the magic he carries.

First of all, he’s a shock and awe performer who lives for the thrill of the experience because he has double 8’s, considered the “Dare Devil Syndrome.” He’s right up there with the ranks of other “bring the noise” performers like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and Rhianna.

In fact, Bruno could have more tricks up his sleeve than we think because most of his numbers are clustered in the soul or emotional plane and his Life Path Number is also a soul plane number 5, the Expressive Artist.

He does have a gentleness about him though as his gift (sum of month/day) adds to a 9, the humanitarian number and his “how” (how he shares his gift with the world) through the sum of his year is the docile and even-keeled natural counselor version of the 5, the 23/5.

He does have the Arrow of Determination (1, 5, 9) but its strength is focused on the verbal self-expression 1’s so his determination comes through verbal means (aka his music).

Something big is in the works for Bruno this year though. He’s in a Personal Year of 1 (the theme for his year) which is all about “new beginnings” and his Peak Cycle, which is an outer, larger cycle that lasts for 9 years is a 9 energy, the highest change number of them all.

Bruno is in for some mega changes this year so don’t be surprised if he comes out with a big hit/album or he makes headlines in some other way. One thing is certain, he will make a splash this year in one way or another. Can’t wait to see how!

Happy Birthday, Bruno!