Blanket Jackson by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for Blanket Jackson

  • 4
  • 8
  • 22
  • 79

Wow, this child, interestingly named “Blanket”, has a whopper of a chart, to put it mildly! It’s a shame his father isn’t still alive because despite the the rumors, based on the energies in Michael Jackson’s date of birth, he didn’t do anything “evil” at all. He lacked a childhood because of stardom and as a Life Path Number 6, he was a motherly nurturer who genuinely loved children and family.

The 6 is also the visionary number so he had the endless vision that an innocent child might have. This was amplified greatly by the fact that he also had double 8’s in his date of birth. It’s actually referred to as the “Peter Pan Syndrome.” They can be shock and awe people, as he was during his performances but most of all, they have a strong and direct link with the “other side” or the spiritual world, as do young children naturally, until a certain age, when they’re convinced by experiences, outside opinions, and societal pressures to not believe in that connection anymore and thus it sadly closes down.

Michael kept that alive for the children he kept company with and in return, they allowed him to regain a piece of his childhood back.

Blanket is Michael’s youngest child and his chart is literally composed of ALL soul plane numbers, save for a single 1 on the physical plane. To add fuel to the fire, he also has the Arrow of Frustration (sets the bar high in terms of expectations of himself and others, perfectionism), the Arrow of Skepticism (leery of new situations, people and things unless he has all the facts first to decide definitively) and lastly, he also has the Arrow of Passivity, which a lot of children born in 2000 and later do often carry.

It may appear that children with this Arrow combo (missing all the most active numbers on all three planes – mind, soul, physical) lack ambition in the physical sense, preferring to do things of a non-physical nature, sometimes getting lost in their own little world of reading, drawing, or just “being.”

This is especially so with Blanket because he has an incredible amount of 2’s – an amount I RARELY see in my work and I’ve been working with the Science of Numbers for 18 years now. Blanket has quadruple 2’s! This child is CRAZY intuitively sensitive, to the point of being able to “remote view”, be telepathic with the minds of others, know things about people on an in-depth basis, etc.

The huge downside, besides these little pieces, is the fact that he is so incredibly emotionally and intuitive sensitive and receptive, he is literally likely overwhelmed constantly from a bombardment of the energies, feelings, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, etc. of others around him at any given time.

The poor kid probably has no idea what he’s actually feeling at all because he’s carrying around so much energetic debris from others that is masking his own emotional body. He would be wise to spend an adequate amount of time alone to allow for a cleansing of his energetic field. Salt baths and other cleansing agents, which is more of a metaphysical or medical thing than numerical but it must be mentioned in this extreme case.

He most certainly leads a very challenging everyday life and I sure hope that he’s under the care of someone who understands his struggles the way his father would have.

To finalize his reading, he’s also a Pisces, the most emotional sign of the zodiac. So, there you have it. Blanket Jackson will surely suffer extra battles and demons in this lifetime but as they say, the more difficult the chart, the more evolved the soul.

Happy Birthday, Blanket!