Betty White by Michelle Arbeau -

Lucky Number Predictions for Betty White

  • 7
  • 9
  • 22

Betty White is about the coolest 94 year old I think we’ll ever get to experience in this lifetime. She has the Life Path Number of the “Expressive Artist” which we frequently see with actors, models, singers, performers, writers, etc. It’s not your typical artist in the sense of painting, drawing, sculting, etc. It’s a different kind of “expressive” energy.

She’s super sensitive and sweet, as we know (with her double 2’s, the number of intuition/sensitivity) but she’s got a feisty streak with the Arrow of Frustration. She has high expectations of not only herself but for those in her life as well. She’s been through the ringer with an isolated 7 and 9, making hindsight learning a prominent feature in her career.

It may be why she’s just recently made a comeback after her stint with the popular “Golden Girls”. She actually went through not one but two cycles of restructuring her foundation. Now she’s in a cycle of 6, the number of creativity and creative expression, hence why she’s kicking butt and really kicking her acting up a notch again.

Good for you, Betty! You’re using the energy just as you should be and you deserve this success after some of the hardship you’ve endured. Happy Birthday, Betty!!